Congressional candidate deletes cannabis tweets (Newsletter: September 7, 2022)

Congressional candidate deletes cannabis tweets (Newsletter: September 7, 2022)

MO gov: no marijuana in special session; MN lawmaker poll shows legalization support; DC judge reinstates worker fired for cannabis; Voters back SAFE

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Missouri Gov. Mike Parson (R) won’t add marijuana legalization to next week’s special session agenda despite a push from activists and lawmakers who want to give the legislature a chance to pass an alternative to a cannabis initiative on the November ballot. The announcement came on the same day that the legislature’s Joint Committee on Legislative Research held a hearing on the ballot measure.

A new poll conducted by the Minnesota House of Representatives at the State Fair found that respondents support legalizing marijuana by a two-to-one margin.

Ohio Democratic congressional candidate Matt Kilboy deleted tweets criticizing incumbent Rep. Dave Joyce (R-OH) for speaking at a cannabis conference. He spoke to Marijuana Moment about his own support for legalization—while questioning Joyce’s motives.

A judge with the Washington, D.C. Office of Employee Appeals ruled that a government worker who is a medical cannabis patient and was fired after being suspected of being under the influence of marijuana on the job needs to be reinstated with back pay and benefits.

A new poll from the Independent Community Bankers of America found that 65 percent of U.S. voters support allowing marijuana businesses to access banks.

  • 71 percent say it will reduce the risk of robberies and 55 percent believe it will aid underserved communities.


The White House reiterated that 2023 intern applicants will be asked about “prior drug use (including marijuana, regardless of whether the marijuana use was permitted under state law).”

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit is being asked by a cannabis industry trade group to revisit a ruling that Maine’s residency requirement for medical cannabis business ownership violates the Constitution’s Dormant Commerce Clause.

Rep.Ed Perlmutter (D-CO) tweeted, “It’s time for the Senate to take action and for commonsense cannabis reform to be enacted, starting with #SAFEBanking.”


New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) touted funding for cannabis accreditation programs in a Labor Day press release.

Pennsylvania’s second lady filmed a video about the state’s new marijuana pardon project.

Missouri’s secretary of state rejected suggestions that he improperly double-checked local officials’ rejection of signatures on a marijuana legalization initiative.

Arkansas activists argued in a state Supreme Court brief that their marijuana legalization initiative exceeds state requirements despite its rejection by the Board of Election Commissioners.

A Florida marijuana legalization campaign spent $1.5 million on a signature gathering firm.

The director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation claimed that the marijuana industry is using the legalization of hemp as a cover to sell illegal high-THC products.

The North Carolina Court of Appeals rejected an appeal from a man who was convicted of marijuana charges and argued that the state’s legalization of hemp meant that police did not have probable cause to search him.

Maine regulators adopted changes to marijuana rules.

A review of New Jersey regulators’ records reveals dozens of marijuana business violations.

California regulators asked cannabis businesses to take steps to reduce their energy usage amid a heat wave.

Oklahoma’s medical cannabis licensing portal experienced technical issues.

Vermont regulators will consider recommendations for marijuana social equity status and licensure on Wednesday.

The West Virginia Medical Cannabis Advisory Board will consider a proposed recommendation to cap THC in medical cannabis products at 10 percent on Thursday.

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The Seattle, Washington City Council approved a package of marijuana social equity bills.

Boston, Massachusetts officials are supporting an effort to streamline the marijuana business licensing process.


German federal officials met with Tilray Brands, Inc. to discuss marijuana legalization plans.

Fiji’s minister for economy spoke about an effort to develop hemp nurseries.

The Pakistan Senate Committee on Science and Technology pressed government officials on the potential jurisdictional transfer of the nation’s medical cannabis and hemp program.

Colombian lawmakers began initial consideration of a cannabis bill.

A French senator discussed her opposition to legalizing marijuana.


A study found that “most participants reported benefits from cannabis use for a variety of conditions where traditional treatments were ineffective or unacceptable.”

A study of rats found that “the antioxidant effects of the flavonoids in the ethanolic extract of cannabis may have protected testicular and sperm cells from oxidative damage.”


The Indiana Democratic Party tweeted about a study dispelling “stoner” stereotypes, saying, “Another myth busted. Legalizing cannabis is a win-win-win for Indiana’s future. More than 80% of Hoosiers support marijuana in some form – including @INDems. A vote for Democrats is a vote for a brighter future for the Hoosier State.”


POHIH, Inc. and associated individuals were charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission with allegedly misappropriating investor funds.

Superette Inc. was granted protection from creditors by the Ontario, Canada Superior Court.

Arkansas dispensaries sold $23.3 million worth of medical cannabis products in August.


Joe Rogan put a photoshopped image of Vice President Kamala Harris arresting him for smoking marijuana on a poster for his upcoming comedy show.

The Onion joked about New York’s effort to give marijuana dispensary licensing priority to people who have been harmed by prohibition.

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