Legacy to Legit Cali Grower Caleb Counts of Connected Cannabis

Legacy to Legit Cali Grower Caleb Counts of Connected Cannabis

Legacy to Legit Cali Grower Caleb Counts of Connected Cannabis

Legacy to Legit Cali Grower Caleb Counts of Connected Cannabis

In this episode of the Canna Cribs Podcast, Nick talks with Caleb Counts of Connected Cannabis to talk about their grow strategy, breeding, building a business and much more!

Canna Cribs Podcast is dedicated to bringing you the best guests from the cannabis space to continue providing our viewers new, educational content for professionals, homegrowers, and enthusiasts.

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Table of Contents:
00:00 Opening
00:30 Shout out to Treez, Grodan, GreenBroz, HLG, and Athena Nutrients
01:30 Caleb’s story and background
15:00 How did Connected came to be?
26:30 Burner and cookies story
30:00 First exotic strains and past partners
37:50 Gro-blocks by Grodan
39:00 Pre Connected history and beginning
52:22 How did alien labs come to be?
59:00 Advice to other emerging brands
01:06:00 What other brands would you like to aquire or collaborate with?
01:08:00 E-grow platform by Grodan
01:10:00 How to bring in capital and scale with it?
01:16:00 Any other expansions for connected?
01:19:00 Why did you choose navy capital and what other investment did you get?
01:24:00 Tips to avoid bussiness sharks
01:30:00 Whats next for connected?
01:34:00 How do you decide what strain goes to what brand?
01:38:00 Who else would you work with in the industry?
01:40:00 Outro
What’s in the interview?

Thanks for joining me. Care to introduce yourself?

Visited Connected way back in DR episode 8
How’s the Connected team?
Changes since we were there?

Let’s talk about Connected for the people who might not know about you yet.
Founded in 2013 – what led up to it?
How were you introduced to cannabis?
Take us through the journey from idea to manifested vision
Things today you couldn’t have imagined in the early days?

What is the secret of Connected’s success?
Popular strains?
Unique techniques/equipment?
Major Challenges?
New Strains/crosses?
I’d like to talk more about the Connected operation
What kind of breeding work is happening there?
Do you use tissue culture? Have plans to?

Are there any pieces of equipment or processes that are integral to the Connected operation?
IPM regimen?
Environmental controls?

Connected does processing too right? Connected took on some Investors with the cannabis hedge fund Navy Capital –
How did this come about?
What were the major advantages?
What were your goals?

Did bringing on investors lead to Connected’s acquisition of Alien Labs?
How did the acquisition change each of the respective companies?
In what kind of situations should a company consider taking on capital?
Does it cause a facility to lose their autonomy?

Any “best practices” when considering seeking investors?
Avoiding shady investors
Loan vs Capital

What are the biggest challenges these days trying to build up a brand in the cannabis space?
Any social media shutdowns? Companies that might decline to do business when they find out you work in cannabis?
Do you find yourself having to chase trends to compete effectively?

What’s up next for Caleb and Connected?
New products/strains?

Anything else you’d care to mention that we didn’t get a chance to discuss?

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