FloraPro, CocoPro, ProGrow MP4 Mix and TriShield by General Hydroponics & Botanicare

FloraPro, CocoPro, ProGrow MP4 Mix and TriShield by General Hydroponics & Botanicare

FloraPro, CocoPro, ProGrow MP4 Mix and TriShield by General Hydroponics & Botanicare

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FloraPro, CocoPro, ProGrow MP4 Mix and TriShield by General Hydroponics & Botanicare

In this episode, Nick Morin interviews Craig Yendrek, Tera Lewandowski and Maggie Pokhna all part of the great Hawthorne team, and we get to learn about consumables, the equipment, the process and much more!

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ProGro MP4 Mix

ProGro MP4 Mix


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What’s in the interview?

FloraPro – Craig Yendrek

What type of biology trials did you guys run when developing the Flora Pro line?
Was this nutrient line designed specifically with cannabis in mind, or is it a cross-over from other agricultural farming?
How did your team engineer this nutrient line to be so effective against clogging fertigation lines?
Testing with growers
What type of chemistry went into mitigating the clogging of fertigation lines?
What level of pH do you recommend your client’s water be when using your products?
What type of testimonials have you received from customers that have found success with the FloraPro line?
Higher yields, less clogged lines, cost savings?
Consistency and quality control
Internal trials, grower partner university setting

CocoPro – Tera Lewandowski

When you say designed by intention, what type of ingredients are in your coco products?
What do these ingredients bring to the plant?
How well do they help retain water?
Do I need to add any supplements or is it ready to go out of the bag?
What do the physical properties consist of in each bag?
Where do you source your coco core from?
How do coco fiber pith and husk help with root health?
Does Hawthorne have their own cannabis farms for R&D?
Where is the best place to use the coco pro line?
Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor, or all three?
What is your Top performer and why?

Pro Gro MP4 Mix – Tera Lewandowski

How did you come up with the ideal ingredients for the ProGro MP4 Mix?
What type of R & D process do you and your team undertake when developing grow media?
What is the pH level in your sphagnum?
What is mycorrhiza?
How does mycorrhizal benefit the health of the plant?
How many species of Mycorrhiza are there, and how did you choose the ones for this product?
What type of testing do you do on your peat?
What kind of testing do you do, and what do you do with the results of those tests with regards to quality control?
What exactly is peat and how important is it in your cultivation?

TriShield – Maggie Pokhna

Let’s talk about some of your top 5 IPM products.
What are the most common pests that are found in cannabis gardens and how exactly do these types of pesticides work?
Since cannabis is being inhaled into our bodies, what type of precautions have you and your team taken to ensure these are not harmful to consume?
Does your product also help mitigate powdery mildew?
How stable is this solution?
Is it easy to homogenize?
How long does it stay in the solution while on your shelf?
What types of trials are done to test for consistency in your product?
How many trials have been done with your TriShield product?
Were the trials fully replicated to prove efficacy?

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