šŸŒ± Tissue Culture, Gen Zero Clones, Hype Strains: Conception Nurseries

šŸŒ± Tissue Culture, Gen Zero Clones, Hype Strains: Conception Nurseries

šŸŒ± Tissue Culture, Gen Zero Clones, Hype Strains: Conception Nurseries

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šŸŒ± Tissue Culture, Gen Zero Clones, Hype Strains: Conception Nurseries

In this episode, Nick Morin interviews Kevin Brooks from Conception Nurseries, we get to learn about pheno hunt, tissue culture, the tech behind it, what it is like to supply for Cookies and more!

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What’s in the interview?

Thanks for joining, care to introduce yourself?
Where did you get your start in the cannabis industry?
Did you grow cannabis professionally prior to Conception?

Did your experience outside of cannabis give you a leg up in our industry?
Were there any similarities in scaling up your ops between tech and cannabis?

Letā€™s talk Cookies, what was your involvement with Berner and Caleb Counts?
What was it like being involved in the supply chain for Cookies as they began to blow up?

Any crazy stories that stand out during that time?
What is your relationship today with Caleb and Berner?

How did Alien Lab acquisition come about?
What was it like to part ways with Connected?

Was it hard to leave a CEO position of a company that was doing so well?
How were you so certain your idea was going to take off?

Where did you first see issues in the commercial cannabis nursery business model?
Prior to Conception, what experiences did you have with purchasing large quantities of nursery-grown plants?

Please describe what ā€œGen Zero Clonesā€ means and why they are better than working off of a mother plant.
So what is the deal with the Phylos relationship?
Do they have any involvement in the company?

I hear you have one of the largest and most amazing Tissue Culture labs in the world. What can you tell us about your tissue culture labs?

What type of savings does the work you are doing in your labs provide to a business that buys your product?

What do you think about onboarding new genetics and keeping your menu relevant?
What do you do differently with regards to genetic / pheno hunting?

Talk me through the value of performance trials.
Is there a different audience/consumer per region or do you see most customers wanting the more typical ā€œhypeā€ strains?

Where are you guys headed?
Are you looking for expansion outside of the West Coast?
Whatā€™s your prediction for cannabis going into 2023?

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