Lance “Craft Farmer” Guyan: Inventor, Motivational Speaker, OG Grower

Lance "Craft Farmer" Guyan: Inventor, Motivational Speaker, OG Grower

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Lance "Craft Farmer" Guyan: Inventor, Motivational Speaker, OG Grower

In this episode, Nick Morin interviews Lance Guyan from Craft Farmer. We get to learn from Lance’s work philosophy and his revolutionary vision for the cannabis industry, his fire flowers and more!

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What’s in the interview?

Lance, please introduce yourself to our audience
I hear you are a MSO, where all are your current cultivation sites?
Who have you partnered with? Tell us what its been like working with Dank Mod and Dave from Preferred Gardens.

It sounds like you are a bit of an OG, how did you learn to grow?
Can you share some learning experiences with us that could help new cultivators that are coming up?

Tell me about your Day shift / Night shift theory?
What can you tell us about your newest strain Cut Throat Gelato?
How did you guys come up with that pheno hunt?
(Wedding Cake, Sunday Driver, Skittles, Chauffeur x Runts)
What other phenos are you hunting for, and how do you know what will be a hit?
Tell me more about the Craft Farmer Brand, where did that come from?
What kind of items do you sell through your website store?
How do you choose the products that you offer?
What exactly is a “whip kit”? Please explain how it all works.
Where did you learn how to engineer your irrigation kits?
Was this ever in your original plans to start an irrigation company?
It sounds like trust is a revolving theme in your business, how did you earn the level of trust that has propelled your success?
It sounds like you are trying to connect on a deeper level with your audience.
What type of feedback do you get to keep you motivated to help others?
What kind of stories do you have to share with our audience that could help some folks that are going through some challenging times?
It looks like you have been super busy with building and fostering a global community of educated cannabis cultivators on Patreon, where did this all start?
What gave you the idea to jump into the media side of the industry and start providing education for our community?
Challenges? Level of Content? Why join?
Tell me about your “cut the check” podcast, how did that all start?
What do you see happening here that emerging markets like Michigan can learn from?
After Michigan, where are you guys heading next?
What are you hoping to accomplish in Florida that you learned from you experience in Cali?

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