Shavo Odadjian: Cannabis and Music with 22Red

Shavo Odadjian: Cannabis and Music with 22Red

Shavo Odadjian: Cannabis and Music with 22Red

Shavo Odadjian: Cannabis and Music with 22Red

In this special episode of the Canna Cribs Podcast, Nick talks to musician, artist and entrepreneur Shavo Odadjian from 22 Red and the legendary System of a Down!

We get to learn a bit about his vision, his art, his roots and most of all… His premium cannabis!
We also get to hear great anecdotes from Shavo….he’s a legend.

Join us in this final episode of the year!

Canna Cribs Podcast is dedicated to bringing you the best guests from the cannabis space to continue providing our viewers new, educational content for professionals, home growers, and enthusiasts.

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What’s in the interview?

Where did you get your start in the cannabis industry?
Did you grow cannabis for personal use prior to 22 Red?
What are your latest strain drops?
When was 22Red founded, tell us everything about your brand.
For such a creative and active person I wonder if cannabis helps in any way to achieve that mental state that’s necessary for creation. Does it help with your creativity?
Aside from music, what type of art do you make in your free time?
I bet you’ve seen a lot of stuff touring, What are some of the strictest places you have toured, when it comes to cannabis prohibition?
And having been there, why do you think that is?
Is it something cultural?
It looks like you are doing some sick collabs with B-real and the Cypress Hill gang.
How did that all come together?
Are you guys working together on any cannabis-branded projects?
How do you manage your time between touring and managing 22Red?
Who is your head cultivator?
What is your advice for other professionals from music, sports, entertainment, etc. that want to start their own cannabis company?
What’s the most challenging aspect of running a cannabis business?
Do you think we will see more celebrities getting into cannabis?
We’ve heard 22Red is a multi-state operation with cultivation in CA, NV, and AZ.
What types of strains are you guys growing?
What types of growing facilities do you own? Indoor, greenhouse, outdoor?
I heard you have a new concentrate line that is winning awards in AZ.
Talk to me about these concentrates, what types of concentrates are you guys focusing on?
Which one has won awards?
Where can people find your flower while shopping in Los Angeles?
Aren’t you guys in Stiizy’s dispensary now?
We’ve also heard 22Red can be found in Curaleaf out in AZ, but what about Nevada? Where can folks find your flower while hanging on the strip in Vegas?
What does a lifestyle brand mean to you?
What does that include for you?
Congrats on your 3-year anniversary.
What are some of the newest products you are bringing to market?
Are Pre-rolls on the horizon?
What else is coming up for you and your amazing brand?

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