Gavita, Quest and Energy Rebates

Gavita, Quest and Energy Rebates

Gavita, Quest and Energy Rebates

Gavita, Quest and Energy Rebates

In this episode, Nick Morin interviews Lance Melnichenko the director of durables at Hawthorne, Bob Gunn from Seinergy, Walt Waetjen from Quest and Jason McKnight from Greenlabel Cannabis.

We dive into Gavita, Quest, Energy Rebates and more!

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What’s in the interview?

Lance Melnichenko – Director of Durables at Hawthorne

Tell us a bit about yourself, how did it all start for you, and what excites you about helping cannabis cultivations thrive?
What are you most passionate about when it comes to cannabis gardening?
What are the three major cost inputs that help inspire innovation in technology and design?
How do you take these into account when creating innovative new technology with Gavita?
How big do material costs come into play when designing new tech?
What kind of efficiencies do you focus on when designing new lighting tech?
What does 1:1 replacement mean with regard to other Gavita HPS lights? That must have been quite an engineering feat!
What is a Polar Candella, and how do you use it when designing a rail system?
Can you talk about the results of your SWOT analysis for these fixtures?
Tell me more about the Gavita Pro RS 2400e lighting systems.
Talk to us about the EL3 controller, what do your customers love about it so much?
What type of fixture control do you have with this unit?

Bob Gunn – CEO Seinergy LLC, Energy Rebates & Utilities Specialist

How long has Seinergy been working with Hawthorne?
How much money have you raised in rebates for cannabis growers since Seinergy’s inception?
Can you share any stories of success?
What is rebate procurement and how exactly are you involved with helping farms achieve success?
How do you work with Hawthorne with regard to choosing products to encourage new farmers to buy?
Do you work with the Hawthorne 360 team?
What type of technical sales and services do you provide to the team?

Walt Waetjen – Director of Product Development at Quest Dehumidifiers

When did you first start working with Quest, and how have you been involved with the units we have all come to know and love today?
Where did Quest get its start before the cannabis industry started taking off?
How does proper humidity control help save you money when increasing ventilation?
Talk to us about some of the design benefits of Quest units, with regards to water reclamation.
What other types of sustainability aspects of these units are incorporated into the engineering of these units?
What is relative humidity and how important is it to control your cultivation spot?
What type of industry-leading innovation do you have coming out on the horizon?

Jason McKnight – GreenLabel Cannabis

Tell us about your background in cannabis cultivation.
What challenges have you faced along your journey?
What type of strains are popping off for you guys right now?
What type of experience do you have with different types of lighting technology?
What type of lighting did you use when you got started cultivating?
When and how did you start working with Gavita Lights and the team at H360?
What type of benefits do you see from new LED lighting technology when it comes to your utility bills?
What do you like about the UX for the EL3 controller?
How long have you been using Quest dehumidifiers in your cultivation operations?
What’s next for Green Label?

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