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Crowdgrowing Cannabis for Fun and Profit


Crowdfunding farms helped to revolutionize investment in the Agriculture industry. JuicyFields has taken this a step further with its CrowdGrowing platform for online investment and funding of Cannabis farms.

Before now, to participate in farming, you have to secure personal or credit funding to cover land, equipment, labor and management costs. With crowdfunding, less personal resources are needed to enter the farming business.

Due to the regulation in the Cannabis industry, entering the market is challenging as a first-timer. If you are one of those interested in the cannabis market, you may find the capital requirement too large for you to manage.


Fortunately, the Crowdgrowing platform developed by JuicyFields solves many of the challenges of running a Cannabis farm. 

Why Crowdfunding?

Investing in farms has long been an alternative to money markets especially for newbies who aren’t well-versed with the stock market investment climate. Crowdfunding, especially those designed with ROI, simplifies investment in projects that you like by removing the stringent requirements to profit from the farming sector. 

Crowdfunding has been successfully tested in many industries including farming. As the Cannabis industry grows in leaps and bounds with more legalizations sweeping across many jurisdictions, the potential for large gains is real in the industry.

A basic traditional investment in Agriculture is land ownership. Even this requires some level of skills since an investor has to be careful about the type of land they acquire. Moreover, the ownership approach to farming requires large funding commitment that may be out of the budget of the average investor. Additionally, some jurisdictions may impose unfavorable rules to dissuade newcomers from owning farming lands.

Direct ownership is thus unrealistic for many because of the time and expertise required for operating a farm. The challenges of ownership for general farms are multiplied when your interest is in Cannabis growing.

Introducing Crowdgrowing

Farming generally has low investment inflow from the general populace. Cannabis farming is even more closed off due to the risks involved.

JuicyFields has pioneered a platform for cannabis growing without the attendant full ownership costs. This system works across many countries and allows cannabis enthusiasts, farmers, and investors to share in the profit of the growing market.

Investors in countries with stringent cannabis laws can also participate as farm growing is done in less restrictive states.

As an investor, you don’t have to worry about legislation, regulation and deep industry knowledge as the Crowdgrowing system has simplified the investment process so you can participate and make a profit.

You are also free from your local rules as your money can help kickstart your cannabis business across state borders where farming cannabis is less regulated.

With Crowdgrowing, you can get profit every three months from your first investment without having to physically plant a single tree. Investment starts from 50 Euros which makes it an inclusive opportunity for cannabis advocates.

Is JuicyFields Platform Right for You?

There are several cannabis growing programs out there but JuicyFields offers a unique approach to funding Cannabis planting while rewarding investors at the same time.

The Crowdgrowing model provides a flexible and easier to access fund and ownership  for Cannabis farm. It allows both small and large scale investors to participate in the growing Cannabis market.

A profitable growers cooperative, this unique crowd growing platform shields you from issues associated with direct land ownership and management.

With short and long-term growing investment contracts available, online cannabis growth is now a reality for many investors.

You don’t need a growing license, hire expert growers or develop a distribution network. You can select the cannabis strain you want and the quantity for juicy fields to handle.

Additionally, JuicyField combines growing and crowdfunding into a working model that is able to deliver profit long-term.

With the projected growth of the cannabis industry, the best time to join is now so you can be a proud participant in the worldwide cannabis industry through JuicyFields various investment options.

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