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Did a vegan diet kill this baby?


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DESCRIPTION: Vitamin B12 deficiency can be life-threatening. Have a question for Dr. Greger about this video? Leave it in the comment section at and he’ll answer it! Check out my blog post Vegan B12 Deficiency: Putting It into Perspective ( to put this terrible tragedy into context. Tomorrow’s ( video-of-the-day will address how commonly vegans in the United States place their infants at risk by failing to supplement their diet with vitamin B12 based on studies published recently in the Journal of Pediatrics ( and the Journal of the AMA (

Image Credit: Leonard John Matthew and Georges Charrières via Flickr.
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  1. Daniel Blaha says

    My doctor and nurse said b12 is in leafy greens

  2. H Lenz says

    Vegans hate babies.

  3. It's Wednesday, Screw Ironing says

    Thanks drG!

  4. Özer Tayiz says

    Still, not a vegan diet, but a vitamin deficiency killed this baby. Omnivores are also often deficient in some vitamins. But if a baby dies on a deficient omnivore diet, it is never making headlines like "omnivores killed their baby" or smt… Blatant media bias and propaganda.

  5. Jeff LaPorte says

    Vegans are baby killers but no chickens were harmed in the killing of their baby.

  6. Krishna Conscience says

    Type in "a vegan tragedy" for some entertainment

  7. chamindu chanaka says

    Hello all! Great Video, Thanks! Have you heard the gossip about this amazing regime at "Brendt Miracle Arthritis Cure" website (google it)? My boyfriend got impressive results and got rid of their arthritis occurrences in a day!

  8. SailorOdessa says

    look, im only against unnecessary extreme

  9. Clyde Rembrandt says

    Animal foods will always contain cholesterol, carcinogens and other harmful components. But, you are right. Smoking is not going to prevent anyone from dying. However, animals can be eaten (or even breast fed from) in emergencies to avoid starvation.

  10. Clyde Rembrandt says

    Philadelphia city water is certainly better to drink than suffering from dehydration, but drinking from an unpolluted natural source would be better for long-term health.

  11. Clyde Rembrandt says

    Sure, eating meat or dairy would be great in a survival situation where no other food is available, but if you have access to fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and tubers eating animals is not the best choice for avoiding chronic disease.

    Taking deep breaths from smog filled air in Los Angeles is certainly better than not breathing at all. However, the air quality in remote Wyoming will contain much fewer toxins and promote healthful living better in the long run.

  12. SailorOdessa says

    Non vegetarian food may no be harmful or even may be good. .. while smoking will always damage anyone's health, less or more- but will.

  13. Clyde Rembrandt says

    There is no doubt that people who eat animals can enjoy better health than people who don't. However, this does not mean that eating animals is required, or even sufficient, for optimal health. After all, there are plenty of people who smoke cigars that are in better health than people who don't. We should not interpret this to mean that smoking cigars is necessary for optimal health.

  14. Clyde Rembrandt says

    I think this is more of a problem with improper prenatal care than a vegan diet. The diseases and deficiencies more common among people who eat animals are routinely tested for which could easily lead to fatalities or birth defects (eg. diabetes). However, apparently not every medical care provider tests for B12 deficiency, which is more common among vegans who don't use B12 supplements or fortified foods. Livestock animals are heavily supplemented with B12.

  15. SailorOdessa says

    you misunderstood me, i was saying that everyone, who was suggesting me this diet never even mentioned about "side effects", like there're some certain rules. Moreover, ive also heard a lot about healthy ppl, who was eating simply everything, but in a right order etc.

  16. Clyde Rembrandt says

    How can you say that you've not once heard from a vegan how exactly you should follow this diet? You do realize that NutritionFactsOrg channel has many other videos, don't you? You could also read books like "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease", "The Starch Solution" and many others that contain arguments in support of the health benefits of a vegan diet as well as whole food plant based recipes.

  17. SailorOdessa says

    it means that vegans care more about making other being a vegan than anything. .. ppl are suffering with common diet, well ofc same or even worse may happen with vegan diet
    not even once i heard from a vegan nor vegetarian how exactly you should follow this diet, but only that you should

  18. tickyul says

    Well, if the breast milk is deficient because the mother has a very poor diet………..yes, that will effect the baby.

  19. larlar210 says

    Well perhaps if that woman wasn't such an alt med quack and took a prenatal, she wouldn't have been deficient. I'm a vegan, a pregnant woman, and a dietician. Not only does my prenatal have 100% RDA for B-12, but I consume nutritional yeast and fortified almond milk daily.

    But why not do a video about all the OMNIVOROUS parents whos children die of malnutrition? This is not a vegan-specific issue. That could just as easily have been a magnesium or zinc deficiency, common in omnivores.

  20. Bim! says

    It's not only up to vegans to get their B12 together… it's maybe also about the french health system (they dismiss completely vegan diets). Maybe if they would educate and inform, this baby wouldn't have died. But as in this country, "everyone" knows that it's impossible to be on a vegan diet, let's just dismiss it completely. And that's how people loose "faith" in their incompetent doctors and try it their own way…

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