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Do Mobile Phones Affect Brain Function?


The World Health Organization concluded that cell phone radiation may cause brain tumors, but what about effects on cognitive function?

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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  1. G. S. says

    that is wrong with every major industry… they always says there is no problem. .. where is the fucking government supposed to protect its citizens and not the companies, ah yes, the government officials are in the books of those companies… which should be illegal …

  2. Launchpad McQuack says

    Jesus, is there anything that won't kill you anymore?

  3. Christopher Mahon says

    Speaker phone and head sets.

  4. Nmethyltransferase says

    "If you torture the data enough, they will confess."

    Repeat after me…

    "If you torture the data enough, they will confess."

  5. Hulagu Kahn says

    Pleaseeeeee Dr. Greger could you get together with Dr. Georgia Ede and get all this BS square away?
    Is so freaking annoying Dr.'s trashing each other on meat vs veggie diets.
    My head is about to freaking explode with all this BS.

  6. stefan maris says

    (non related question) Dr. G, Have you heard of MMS (miracle mineral solution) from Jim Humble? I am interested in your view on this topic. Rgds, Stefan

  7. Nicholas Baker says

    I would LOVE to see if there is any consensus of fasting/intermittent fasting based on scientific merit. Especially for people on a plant-based diet. I feel like many of the people who are benefitting the most are those eating a SAD diet in the first place so of course they're going to be getting benefits of prolonged durations without food

  8. Ura Soul says

    a variety of studies over the last few decades, including some that were eventually leaked from military sources show that microwave radiation can cause DNA damage, cancer and a variety of other health problems. Weaponisation of this began a long time ago.

  9. Ivar A Knutsen says

    Could you make a video on Maca?(powder, if that is different from the root)

  10. Catriona MacInnes says

    Thanks. Can you do a vid on any studies produced on emf harmonising magnets such as smart dots?

  11. Shady Character says

    Are organs the only thing that can get cancer? Why is everyone looking at brain cancer rates. If cell phones were causing cancer wouldn't we see increased rated of hand related illness, like arthritis and other things like that maybe cancer of the hand if that exists?

  12. Esteban Rincon says

    Use earbuds. Problem solved.

  13. Vitamin B says

    Turn off your wifi. Put on a tin foil hat. And go live in a cave.

  14. Kathy Fausett says

    So, whats different about pharma? The strategy is precisely the same.

  15. bananas says

    the intro drives me mad when watching many of these vids on a row! lol

  16. Peter Faber says

    Ever noticed how your phone gets hot when you're using it for like 10 minutes or longer? Your skin sometimes starts to sweat where it touches your skin.

    That heat radiates into your head as well. What effect does that heat have?

    Don't know?

    That"s about how much you can know about the effects of celphone EMFs.

    The sun is a very strong source of EMF. How much brain cancer do you get from sitting in the sun? Not a whole lot. You skin protects your body. But celphone radiation is less energetic. It doesn't have the ability to change dna. Ultraviolet radiation does have the energy to do that. But cellphone radiation is much lower energy than even normal light.

    So,… The small amounts of energy coming out of a phone aren't enough to heat anything. The reason your phone gets hot is the battery heating up because it's discharging fast.

  17. Dinar AndFriends says

    There are many hundreds of papers covering the effect which microwaves and LF EMF have on oxidative stress, voltage-gated calcium channels, the immune system and the blood-brain barrier. I would look at those first.

  18. Colton S says

    “Industry’s tend to sow doubt”. Doubt is their product.

  19. De Stressfrlyf says

    Can you do one on video games and aggression

  20. Joseph1NJ says

    Even if it did, it wouldn't change anything. There's never been a greater addiction globally than that of cell phones. More people have cell phones than toilets. And people are surgically attached to them. What a phenomenal culture change.

  21. Wenit Bewood says

    Just use a wire headset (not blue tooth or wireless) and never/rarely hold a cell phone near your head.

  22. Gencoil says

    When Dr. Greger lowers his voice and says "…put it to the test" you know shit's about to go down.

  23. Alex says

    Who else is watching this on their cellphone ? 👈

  24. Crypto Current says

    So basically the information on the negative health effects of cell phones has been suppressed and no scientific agency has the balls and/or funding to do the real studies? Got it.

  25. Zebus112 says

    What about wifi/3g/4g?

  26. Rick Mayson says

    Use 3G over 4G/LTE

  27. haku says

    in an economic system based on scarcity, consumption and competition, where u have to sell in order to survive, industry is like any scared intelligent organism, fighting and deceiving others for its own survival and stability. change the economic system, meet everyone's basic needs, and the organism won't have to fight /lie anymore. it could indeed be possible thanks to things like these:

  28. tom Meadows says

    I am addicted to this channel. It's great!

  29. Greg F says

    Is it better to hold your phone to your ear when making a call or to make a call using headphones and to put your phone in your front jeans pocket?…….asking from a male perspective 😉

  30. Musashi Jj says

    Great video, thanks for your service Doctor!

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