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Dr. Greger Discusses Gut health Blue Zones and thinks Hummus is Sexy


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At the first Plant Based World Conference Expo held in New York City, Ripe Co-founder Christine Sweet sits down with the notorious vegan doctor Michael Greger, MD to talk all things plant based, vegan, and health.

From topics covered in his book “How Not To Die,” all the way to fecal transplants and the power of our own gut microbiome, Dr. Greger breaks down the biggest threat facing American’s today: diet. Just as health advocates had to push the science behind cigarette carcinogens through to the public in the sixties, Dr. Michael Greger’s research aims to educate physicians, medical professionals, and the general public on the power of a whole food plant based diet.

During the conversation, Greger sheds light on the fact that processed meats like deli slices, hotdogs, and lunch meat are categorized as a level one carcinogen, and how heart disease is killing Americans at an alarming rate. The medical system, Greger explains, is set up to support the pills and procedures structure; raking in money for pharmaceutical companies and doctors, whereas preventative medicine and plant based diets are pushed to the side.

Dr.Michael Greger’s research into B12 deficiency shows that despite its devastating effects, it’s not strictly a problem for those living a vegan lifestyle. B12 cannot be found in plants or animals, and B12 supplements are necessary for everyone no matter what type of diet. Other supplements Dr. Michael Greger explains and recommends for everyone in addition to B12 are Vitamin D, Omega 3 fatty acids, Calcium, Iodine, and Iron.

He also gives his two cents on the difference between veganism and plant based diets, talking on the specific importance of a whole food plant based diet, apart from a junk food vegan diet.

Dr. Greger explains how beans and legumes are central to any diet around the world that produces longevity, and how the countries and civilizations who live the longest and stay active the longest all have diets centered around whole foods and plant based meals. This is based on the research conducted on the world’s Blue Zones. Dr. Greger’s book “How Not To Die” includes whole food plant based recipes based around scientific research, and his belief that it’s not necessarily about saving the animals, it’s about saving yourself. A plant based diet is simply the best way to do that.

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  1. valnaples says

    I've been following Dr. Greger since around 2008, starting with his videos here on youtube…fabulous man so devoted to getting out the word that PLANTS help us! Am 61 now, feel like I'm 25! On zero meds, don't need reading glasses, I donate blood every 65 days, haven't needed a sick day from full time work in over 14 years, I get out and walk for 1 hour each day…LOVE eating plants! We don't HAVE to get sick as we age!

  2. 380 ZX says

    This is great for transitioning into bean eating without bloating: Maxi Health Digest Support which i got from amazon.

  3. Magdal3na M. says

    Look my video, I am raw meat eater and nothing make more sexy body than raw meat. That's a human power.

  4. Kapilan Vishnu says

    Nutritional Yeast is such an amazing dense source of Vitamin B12 as well as other B vitamins that despite being vegan my entire life, just topping my pasta with Nutritional Yeast a few times a week brought up my B12 levels to almost 600 ng/mL when I got my blood tested last. A lot of people like to use the B12 fear mongering tactic but its so stupid.

  5. redpillthinking says

    I hate that Dr. Greger gives the okay to eat animal products on holidays and special occasions. More proof that he is only plant based for health and doesn't give two fucks about the animals.

  6. The Swedes Versus says

    Go vegans by all means,
    the only thing that kind of pisses me off is that so many vegans actually think that they are bullet proof. They seem to think they will somehow live forever and are heart attack safe.
    Well, they're not. Not by a long shot. Something else that proves beyond doubt that you can have perfect arteries without going vegan are the tsimane people.
    Who's arteries are clogg free.
    That goes against everything vegan claims.
    It should be scientifically impossible if they were right,
    yet it's proven to not be impossible.
    Beyond that, going vegan is great for the planet and the climate.

  7. camilo posada says

    im sorry, but he does not look healthy

  8. Kath Bates says

    Meant to add it’s a no brainer , plant based IS the way!

  9. Kath Bates says

    Since a plant based diet adds years to your life, halves your carbon footprint and saves torture and death of innocent animals, our sentient friends bless em.

  10. Red Pill Vegan says

    Cool channel! Subbed

  11. Julie Joseph says


  12. Wade Patton says

    Lots of us yet drink from wells. Anybody ever have a b12 test run on your well water? Yes I supplement to be safest, but bet the ground water is loaded. Never found any data.

  13. Thuddy Waters says

    PBR Street Gang

  14. Sam Ahf says

    Thank you Dr. for getting people healthy!

  15. Matthew Davis says

    Dr. Greger looks better with a beard.

  16. Deanna Demers says

    I am surrounded by smokers in this apartment building…..I am having to move out….They all eat meat/dairy and junk food…they refuse to stop…once they are addicted, most will not stop their bad eating habits or their smoking….and let's not forget other ways to get cancer; the toxic pesticides, roundup sprayed all over the place….and what about radiation toxic cell phones, cell towers, Smart Meters and coming, 5G. we will all be irradiated….to an early grave.

  17. Joelle Aittama says

    Great questions!

  18. Robin S says

    Regarding gut health – I had my entire large intestine removed in 2000 because of ulcerative colitis. I do eat a WFPB diet and want to know if eating this way still helps my gut health in my small intestine.

  19. Alexi Holford says

    Great interview! Regarding veganism vs plant based, Dr. Greger does mention there are ideological reasons to go vegan. I think that is a big distinction that needs to be made. Yes, you can be a very unhealthy vegan because you eat vegan fast food and lots of processed foods. But you can be vegan and plant based. Veganism is more than a diet. It includes all other products made from animals as well. It means choosing alternatives to leather, for example. Veganism is about not causing harm to other animals (we are animals too!). So, being vegan can include being plant based, but being plant based does not include being vegan. In general, those going plant based for health reasons are not vegan. Those who stop using animal products in their diet and elsewhere are vegan, and may also be plant based. Hope that makes sense!

  20. bevyh1 says

    Please be careful who you listen to people. greger promotes injecting babies and children with animal blood (bovine calf blood ), aborted fetal cells, monkey kidney cells, heavy metals and drugs (antibiotics)etc by way of vaccines. He promotes vaccines in his book How not to Die.

  21. Charlie Morrison says

    Beans and legumes will help you keep a strong erection whereas fillet minion will eventually kill your hard-on.

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