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Dr. Michael Greger INTERVIEW: Brainwashing Kids, B12 & More


I sat down with Dr. Greger at Vegan Summerfest a few weeks ago and asked him a few questions about raising healthy vegan kids. We talked about supplements, whether or not vegan parents are “brainwashing” kids, and how best to feed kids on a vegan diet.




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  1. Marianna Cornejo says

    At what age should kids take b12? And how much/ often?

  2. Jeandre says

    Omg could he just not eat while speaking

  3. Mowgli flow says

    Yes ok but how much b12 should you give your vegan child? This information is not complete without giving advise on the correct dosage. Thanks

  4. A serious interlocutor says

    Man this guy looks healthy.

  5. Jamal in BG says

    Wait so he's saying that we should force kids to take supplements or they could die?!

  6. Radek LΓ‘tal says

    Great discussion Sarina! πŸ™‚ I am so envious that you were able to get doctor Greger to your channel. It is obvious that he is soo used to talk directly to the camera, despite the interview style of the video :D. I also have a small channel as well (in the Slovak language though), thinking all the time about what content will attract the mose audience. Good luck with your channel! πŸ™‚

  7. alexa cloud says

    Bob bob bobily Boble head. Is that not terrifying? He looked like a normal person not that long ago. Oh you can go off your B12 stores from eating animals for awhile before you have to supplement. Uh give your kid the same courtesy. A good omnivore base to grow up on then, let them decide.

  8. TheaDragonSpirit says

    4:15 – It's good to know this. I didn't think about how many calories kids would need. So kids need a lot more calories to grow bigger. so if they get less calories they might not grow as big. Where as once you're a fully grown adult you don't really need more calories par maybe muscle building. But even then a baby needs far more calories for their size, then you do at your size, even if body building. So basically it's important to get growth factor when younger from fats, but not when an adult.

  9. Dan Brown says

    Small note, haven't seen the study myself, but heard that there's new research suggesting B12 every other day is more bioavailable and absorbed than consuming it daily. Your body starts to reject it consuming it every day I guess. Double the dose and take it on fewer occasions I think is the way!

  10. Thomas Pic says

    How much b12 should be given to vegan kids of differnt ages? I can't find ane exact amount online everywhere online they recommend differnt dosages.

  11. Robin Petersson says

    I have 8yo twins raised vegan. It is really difficult finding food that they like that is not processed. When they were younger they didn't protest so much, but now at 8 they know that carrot sticks and whole wheat bread is not the tastiest options, so they just refuse to eat. And they don't feel hunger so they'd rather skip one or two meals until that processed vegan chicken nugget is served. A vegan diet is easy, but trying to incorporate Dr. Greger's daily dozen and avoiding fat, sugar, and salt is virtually impossible. Heck, I am even struggling with his diet.

  12. faya mndes says

    How to raise kids sick… they can't survive without suplement … lol

  13. Mike Skylark says

    Is dr. Greger your dad? What?!!

  14. Gustav Lykke Jessen says

    Great interview

  15. Allison Rivers Samson says

    Great video Sarina and Dr Greger! Well done.
    "All parents instill their values in their kids." Let's hope so!

  16. Eliran Sobel says

    I'm curious, how much did this reflect how your parents raised you, regarding B12, making sure to get it "right," calorie-dense foods, etc?

  17. PositivePioneer says

    Wow you look really good for not sleeping good for a week!

  18. Vegan Linked says

    Great job and excellent, much needed info! πŸ™‚

  19. Jia Hui L. says


  20. Vegan Corie says

    I do not see why not many children in this world are vegan a lot of children should follow a vegan lifestyle.

  21. Brooke Barney says

    I am fangirling so hard right now

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