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Episode 37 – Cannabis & Ketosis w/ Chef Brandon Allen


For week 3 of our medical cannabis series, we are joined by Chef Brandon Allen. Brandon is a Professionally Trained Chef and the first ever High Times Top Cannabis Chef, specializing in Paleo & Ketogenic Cuisine. As a Certified Interpener, which is best described as the ‘Sommelier’ of Cannabis, he is able to determine Cannabis Flower Quality and Effects based on visual and aromatic inspection. Fascinated by The Endocannabinoid System, Brandon continuously researches the science and history of Cannabis in order to educate the masses on the amazing medicinal properties of Cannabis Phytochemicals. After experiencing a monumental lifestyle transformation and being reintroduced to Cannabis as a medicine, he discovered the amazing parallels of Cannabinoid Supplementation and Nutritional Ketosis and has determined a theory he feels will help change the lives of countless people. We are excited to dive right into this topic so welcome to the show, Chef Brandon Allen.

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  1. I Own Me - You Own You says

    4:21 And one problem I've noticed is that people who are talking about "facts" in a lot of cases are using a .gov website as their source. Most people are so brainwashed that they believe ANY information from a .gov site, no matter how far off from reality, is a proven fact otherwise it couldn't have a .gov domain.

  2. Reny Mencia says

    Great content and very informative! Thanks Danny and Maura for putting this out there!

  3. laura aldoupolis says

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