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Giving $1,000 To Michael Greger – NutritionFacts Org


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Giving $1,000 To Michael Greger – NutritionFacts Org

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I’m at the homepage of, and today I’m going to do something that I planned to do since a long time. I’m going to give Michael Greger 1,000 dollars.

Yes, you heard right. I am literally giving $1,000 to Michael Greger MD.

I’m really freaking excited, heck I’m nervous actually, to do this.
Just gotta choose the amount, yep (zoom mouth)–
And fill in my payment details and…

Before I’m going click on this button right here I want to explain you why I’ll do this. See, I became a vegan approximately 5 years ago. At that time, when I first chose forks over knives, I faced a lot of opposition.

I’ve mentioned in a video some time ago, that if it wouldn’t be for Michael Greger, I would probably not have stayed on this path of veganism.

The peer pressure was simply way too high and was always a great informational source along this journey.

On top of that Michael Greger, the founder of Nutritionfacts, is a remarkable person. He founded the nutritionfacts channel and the nutritionfacts website because of his grandmother, Francis Greger, that got cured by a plant-based lifestyle intervention.

Michael Greger also wrote amazing books including the international bestseller ‘How Not To Die’, and will soon publish a new book called: ‘How Not To Diet’.

Nutritionfacts is set up as a charity and 100% of all their proceeds go to fund that cause.

I think Michael is one of the driving forces of the vegan movement and one of the most important pillars of this dietary change is not activism per se, but education.

I run an online vegan fitness coaching service, we help vegans become fit and I just recently decided that I’ll give 10% of our profits to vegan charities.

So the first of those 10% should go to Michael Greger from Here’s $1,000 Dr. G.

So is officially a benefactor, which feels freaking awesome.

Life goal achieved: Being a NutritionFacts benefactor!

On top of that I have the choice to choose over 12 digital downloads.

Digital Download: NutritionFacts Fasting – yep.

Nutritionfacts Latest in clinical nutrition – yep.

Nutritionfacts Cannabis – yep.

Honestly, probably these downloads alone are worth the $1,000. Michael is an absolute expert in the field and although he’s giving us so much FREE value, I think it’s just time to give something back.

So if you want to donate to Dr. Greger too I leave a link in the description to the donate page.

If you want to become a fit vegan, and make future donations like this possible, sign up for our coaching service on

Next goal: Getting a Michael Greger interview on this channel! I would love to interview Dr. Greger. You guys would dig that too? 🙂

Thank you for your time and thank you for your trust. I hope you have a great day. 🙂


  1. Florian Wüest says

    I was really looking forward to do this! Thanks for the support guys. 🙂

    If you want to give back to Dr. G too, donate here:

    Want to make future donations to a variety of vegan charities possible, sign up here:

  2. Phat Vegan says


  3. Autumn Blossom says

    I love nutritionfacts!

  4. Nesha Stanic says

    One thing; let's be correct in naming, it's whole plant based diet, plant based life style. Dr. Greger doesn't like calling his work as vegan.

  5. Maria feny-aredes says

    This is so awesome! Imagine how many people will get the life saving knowledge because of people like you helping people like him!

  6. Ron Sharoni says

    Dr Gregger Saved my life

  7. MicroClues says

    My Crazy GREAT LUCK to (no such thing as luck) Quality Gains, to bump into this video…. and to find out that the vid is recent. THIS IS CRAZY I am on your soul train brother!! Just subscribed 2 u. I have met DR G twice. The first time, he signed "How Not to Die" and wrote a nice paragraph ALONG with his private cell# … so if I had questions….WTH… WHO DOES THAT?? I agree, he is one of the Amazing Ones. Burkitt (have two of his books…..a saint… a real saint) is another, McDougall, Esselstyn, Klapper, Campbell…. they are all Martyrs….. have taken abuse, seen career sabotage…. but Gregor is way way way up there. Most people don't know Dr G>>>> Can you believe he wrote "Confessions of a third year med student"???… This guy!!! Amazing. A true #Hero. Your video brought a tear to my eyes too…POWERFUL.. 100% integrity.. will be checking you out online… Thanks for this….ur soooo good with the vid o man… so good Thx for the inspiration til next time. ps I'm 68

  8. Madasin ! says

    Do you know the name of the charity Could it be to itself, as it is a 501.3(c).

    His position with the Humans Society ended. He takes a salary via

    His salary is about $180K.

    If he is not a practicing MD, it would appear he pays his bills via that salary since he claims all book sales and donations go directly to charity.

    What is that stethoscope for if not patient examination?
    It appears he receives donations of over half a million dollars around 2015, so the number is probably much higher, especially from the success of his books and speaking circuit. It's would seem any people who appreciate his channel and talks also donate but this level is vague.

    Has he provided a breakdown of his donations? Are a few funders the bulk of funding?

    I appreciate his channel, like his talks, but I don't think his has been forthcoming about the above topics.

    The IRS Form 990 is available by request according to his website.

    Food for thought.

  9. Rabbit Food Fitness says

    This is awesome! Thank you for supporting his work. He inspired me too! If it wasn't for listening to his videos and podcasts I would probably not found out that I love nutrition as much as I do and would not be going to school to become a dietician right now!

  10. Michael Greger says

    I'm so honored–thank you so incredibly much for your kind support! Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do to help you or your family or all the great work you're doing.

  11. Jams Saint says

    great contribution big bro

  12. MaximusPayne says

    Definitely the one about fasting does seem interesting for those of us on OMAD.

  13. Wearephuct O says

    The Truth About Dr. Greger

  14. Wearephuct O says

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us. 😹

  15. D Roy says

    I've given $25 over the past 4 years by making it the beneficiary of my account.

  16. Kind Claw says

    Seriously well done! 💚

  17. Wearephuct O says

    I am a NGO. Please donate @ so I can hire a personal Vegan Zumba trainer

  18. Dane Leva says

    Great work.

  19. B Bacc Soon says

    Holy shit bro, this is amazing. I cannot wait until I am in a position financially to be able to do these types of things! Kudos to you for the hefty donation man.

  20. Fruit Moon Monkey says

    Dr Greg is the original vegan messiah. You really are a top man doing this! Well done. I’m proud of you for doing this. 👍🌱

  21. Matt Hazard says

    This man along with doctor John Mc Dougall changed my life completely. No need to be nervous about the donation.
    HE DESERVES IT. Peace.

  22. manumaster1990 says


  23. Shells Angel says

    Nice, dude 🙏 By giving to this charity you are investing in truth and positivity.

  24. David Gardell says

    Wow, that is really awesome!! 👍👍

  25. Cloudmin says

    u are awesome

  26. zerosiii says

    why tf were you crying for the $1000 😀
    watch some Mr Beast videos, he gave me a new perspective on money

  27. Lloyd Christmas says does deserve it for all the work they've done. Thanks.

  28. vegan sandra says

    Well done, respect! ✌🏼

  29. Vegan For The Animals Ⓥ says

    Nice of you to donate….interesting to hear that he kept you on the vegan path…..

  30. Vegan For The Animals Ⓥ says

    Shouldn't you have donated to Bobby's Perspective (or Tufano, or Sewage, etc.) instead? They have all the answers….

  31. Mahtiah Hildrilae says

    Review on the fasting webinar would be great.

  32. Vegan World Order says

    Well done! Let's invest that Swiss money in the vegan game 😉😂

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