Jesus and weed

How Jesus and Weed Saved My Life…

While walking in my front door (after another sinful act) a sharp sensation came across me. Something was happening to me. Looking for a place to lay down i realize I had lost the key to my music studio and bedroom. I was about to leave for my nephew’s birthday and jam to some music when all of a sudden I was in a fight for my life. A sudden discomfort and body aches set in. The aching continued as I started getting hot and sweaty. I jumped into a cold shower with no relief. After getting out of the shower my niece came up to me and said, “you’re not looking too good.” I replied, “I love you niece…” Then it all started.

What I felt at that moment is something I will never forget. I started to feel my back getting tight, and began sweating profusely. The aches were getting stronger and the tightness wrapped all around my body. I kept fighting as it got more intense. The pain finally passed and all I could feel was my life flashing before my eyes. I immediately went into being thankfulness and prayed, which was something I always did when I was little with my mom. She was Catholic and I’m a born again Christian. I started to pray, “Jesus Christ I need you to forgive me for all my sins and thank you for my family and all my kids, and for letting me be a father to them with no training and all the days I had with them. And my life, even though I know I wasn’t living right.” I was so tired, I was ready to die. I didn’t want to go to the hospital. I was trying to fight it so I could go to my nephew’s birthday and share my music with him and the family. I thought that if I could just lay down for a little while, I would feel better. But that was not the case.

After fighting the pains for a little while longer, I started to feel myself give up. My ex was kind enough to take me to the nearest hospital. (She was not my ex at the time, that’s another story.) When we got to the hospital, I told the nurse I was standing next to, “thanks… it was a good try but the spirit war has started and it’s time for me to join and start fighting.” The nurse asked what I meant by that. I continued with, ”there’s thousands of needles going through my left arm. The fight has begun, they got a voodoo doll of me. It’s time for me to leave my flesh and get ready for the fight. Thank you for trying to save my life. Got to go”. I was out cold right after this.

The last thing I remember hearing was he is having a major heart attack. I woke up 3 days later. I asked the nurse what day it was, it was Cinco de Mayo. I said, “YAY it’s Cinco de Mayo, It’s time to celebrate. But what happened to me? I feel great, whatever it was went away, I’m good to go home”. The nurse looked at me and asked if I knew what had happened to me. I didn’t. She explained that I had a major heart attack. I didn’t believe it. I looked at my chest and there were no stitches. “I know what a heart attack looks like, my father had one when I was 15. I had to drive him to the hospital, they cut his chest open and had a big scar across his chest.” I scampered. I asked the nurse to disconnect me. The nurse obviously said, “No, you aren’t going anywhere,” and went to get the doctor. When doctor came into the room and he asked in disbelief if I really didn’t understand I’d just had a heart attack. I confirmed, I felt completely fine and was “ready to go home”.

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