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Plus a full body at home muscle building resistance band workout!!! Full workout written down below!







Full Body At Home Muscle Building Resistance Band Workout

Walking lunges 2 x 16
Banded Romanian Deadlift 2 x 15-20
Banded Bicep Curl to Overhead Press 2 x 12-15
Banded Row 2 x 10-20
Banded Squat 2 x 15-20
Single Leg Hamstring Press 2 x 10-20
Banded Lat Pulldown 2 x 10-20
Banded Lateral Raise 2 x 15
Banded Lateral Walk 2 x 20
Hip Circle Squat Bouncers 2 x 20
Reverse Crunch 2 x 10-20


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  1. petra says

    I’m active duty military, I workout before and after my shift. Before to start my day off feeling like I’ve started my day off good, and after to relieve stress and finish up the day before I go home and relax. My own personal benefit is helping with anxiety and depression, it doesn’t always help bring me out of the slump I get in but it’s good to try.

  2. Erika Thomas says

    I’ve been going to the gym for just a week now and it’s already making a difference on my mental health! I’m a mama of 2 kids (4 yo and a 2 yo) and taking an hourish a few days a week to go to the gym has made me so much less irritable with my kiddos 🙌🏼

  3. Victoria Heatherly says

    I have a combination of oas which makes it to where my mouth and throat will react to some fruits and veggies. Annoying thing is it doesn't react the same with cooked or some processed foods, so sometimes people assume im being unhealthy because i won't raw fruits and veggies. Last time I ate 2 raw carrots and had to lie down for over an hour after downing some benadryl. My throat was hurting so bad for two days.

  4. Natasha Newburn says

    Damn… That makes a hell of a lot of sense. Very helpful and encouraging.

  5. Taargus Taargus says

    Skip to 8:27 for the 5 things

  6. Jennifer O’Driscoll says

    Hello from France I love your videos !!! I discovered your channel recently you’re such a great person tks for all the good advices 🙏

  7. B Rising says

    I agree that people need to be educated on how to read scientific literature, but I worry that your suggestion that your audience go read studies may not have the effects you intend. In order to be able to properly evaluate a single study and its methods, you'd have to have been trained in the given substantive field as well as the its most common methodologies. Next, you'd need to be able to place that study within the wider conversation of that particular area of research. Usually, these are are parallel courses of study that take place during the first 1-3 years of a Phd program in whatever discipline you are interested in; in this case, that would be nutrition science.

    Once you have that grounding, 1-3 years of reading nothing but study after study – and usually only in a very specific sub-field of your discipline (for instance, in nutrition science, you might study athletic nutrition) – you can then evaluate a study (in the context of every other relevant study in that sub-field). So, it is not as simple as reading a study or even several studies and "knowing what they mean" for a lay person. One would need to be able to consider a study against the backdrop of all the other studies that came before it, "the literature," in order to say whether or not its conclusions are convincing. Not understanding this process (how knowledge is produced) is what led you to say something like "Nutrition Science is bullshit." An entire discipline of science cannot be bullshit. There are great lengths taken within academia to ensure that sound research is being produced. Once you are trained in a field and start to conduct studies, they can't be published before going through several rounds of blind review by other experts in the field. What's more, the journals in which studies are placed are a good indicator of their quality as well. This process also exists in the field of nutrition science. What the discipline is suffering from is an influx of studies paid for by industry that contradict the science of uncompromised scholars because they'd like to turn a profit. To the public, this looks like a sea of contradictory information and "bullshit." However, that doesn't mean that sound scholarship in the field isn't still being produced.

    So, what I'd suggest for you, or another lay person interested in reading "the actual science," is to seek out a "review" article on the topic in which you are interested. Look for the top journals in your field of interest, who will usually publish a review of the entire body of evidence on a given topic every few years. This is, of course, still subject to some selection bias, but you can mitigate this by reading several reviews on the topic from several respected journals, and by looking into the relevant conflicts of interest of a study's authors. Also, what you'll find is that it's common for studies to contradict one another. That's natural. What you're looking for is the story that the entire body of literature is trying to tell you. You'll usually find that "the science" typically leans one way or another, with the occasional outliers. Look for that big story, not a handful of studies.

  8. Marielle P says

    So true that so many people these days are waaaaaay too confident about being experts on science! Reading studies as if they're decisive gospel truth applicable for everyone. Ugh.

  9. JustAnotherPunkChick says

    I may work out to build muscle (I was to be a wrestler!) however I also get SUCH mental clarity from it. If I go to the gym or for a run in the morning (I hate cardio) I can really focus on uni work all morning and I feel calm.
    That’s why I’m so excited about your ebook (when I can afford it 😂)
    You’re such an inspiration ❤️

  10. Kayla M. says

    Love that you don’t need a GYM for this workout! You can still get a good workout anywhere!

  11. Aj 'Aieejaii' says

    Still trying to figure out what’s right for me 😅 I’m a bit overweight and doctors keep saying to lose weight but I’ve tried a few different diet changes and ways of eating and literally nothing has worked so far. My dietician wants to drop my caloric intake to 1200 but I’m fighting her on that. She knows I had an eating disorder but is still adamant about 1200 cals even though my physical activity has literally double in the past month compared to when I first saw her 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  12. Christina Townsend says

    A dopamine rush and stress relief

  13. Ava Sissons says

    I wish I'd known about calorie combining meals; as in – you don't need 3 square meals a day. When trying to lose weight I'd split 3 meals into 500 calories each, and be starving and obsessed with my next meal. Now I just eat two 800-1000 calorie meals and it's amazing haha. I would have had such a better relationship with food had I just done that starting in college.

  14. Jennifer Julianjf says

    Can you make a video about how to read a study? Like a nutritional/science study 🙂

  15. Growing To Live says

    Isn’t it contradictory to state “supplements aren’t very beneficial unless you’re deficient” and then saying “nutritional science is mostly bullshit?”

    Same with when you made the statement about cherry-picking research articles. This, unfortunately or fortunately, goes on both sides of nearly every health science debate. Take kombucha for example. A good claim is the new research coming out proving “the mother” in apple cider vinegar actually does nearly nothing for your gut or health.

  16. Stan Kormy says

    Thanks for sharing your journey!

  17. Ashley R says

    Wowza I hope you are carrying protection on you wearing those short shorts…hot mama 😜

  18. Melissa Greene says

    YAAAASSSS!!!! i love this! I wish I had known that loosing weight doesnt make you happy. It's a false grail. However, getting happy helps you loose weight/be in your best body/best lifestyle for YOU. Go figure.

  19. Bailey Davis says


  20. Liberty Vincent says

    Soundtrack during the workout brought me straight back to summer 2015 😆

  21. keepupwithliv says

    I workout to be strong!

  22. Ariel Kaya says

    Absofu**inglutely it's all about mental health for me. Sure I like how my butt pops out and that I can carry groceries home uphill with zero effort or that I never get sick BUT the mental health is the reason why I even work out at all.

  23. Katerina Ilievska says

    You are the best! The thing with the fork, the funniest thing ever 🙂 I am sure you found a way, as always 🙂

  24. Taking Down Fat With Cdub says

    Trip 6 If you only eat once it is hard to mess up 😉

  25. hespoop says

    i love working out because i have a sense of control over my suffering lol. like when i’m pushing through a rep, i think okay just four more and then i usually push myself further just because i know i can survive this! it’s awesome for feeling like you got through a challenge after every rep. each rep accomplished is so good for my mental health

  26. Ashley Dickerman says

    Working on helps me mentally sooooo much. It helps manages my anxiety, depression, and ptsd. It also helps me be more productive and energetic. Finally, it gives me confidence in myself that I can do hard things.

  27. Hunter Ryan says

    Something I've learned through trial and error in my fitness/health journey is that, you should make workout time, how/when/what you eat, etc. fit into your life and lifestyle. Not the other way around. Also, feeling good about making better decisions, no matter how big or small. Only 30mins to workout? Better than nothing at all. Didn't eat quite as healthy today because you were out with friends/family? That's okay! You enjoyed yourself, and you can try to make up for it tomorrow. Ate right all day and killed your workout? Awesome! Victories are victories, big and small. Life happens, don't sweat the small stuff. Mental health and physical health go hand in hand. Living a healthy lifestyle shouldn't and doesn't mean you can't enjoy other things in life

  28. Liz Trupiano says

    When I work out I feel like a bass ass bishhh lol it makes me feel strong, heathy and just get the rush of happy endorphins 💪

  29. Chanel Morais says

    Don't eliminate, substitute!

  30. Lola P says

    YES! Everything you mentioned is spot on!!! I wish that in the past, that I’d Stop basing my weight as good or bad, just as strong and happy. Wishing you luck finding a house! Great workout! I love working out, destresses me!!

  31. Dájka says

    I love about working out that I am focused so much on the moves that I dont think about anything else in that moment. Which is great, because sometimes I am stressed beyond measures but somehow when I work out, I wont even remember my troubles for that great hour in a day.

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