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I tried CBD OIL for one year for my ANXIETY – This is what happened.


I tried CBD oil for one year for my anxiety. Actually, it’s definitely been longer than year… regardless, I used CBD oil/hemp oil for one year in order to reduce my anxiety symptoms while I healed my anxiety naturally. Today I’m sharing my experience, so that you can help to reduce your anxiety symptoms naturally too.
I’ve talked a lot about anxiety and CBD oil on my channel and my Instagram in the past. It’s something that has helped me to reduce the physical and emotional effects of anxiety while I worked on healing it naturally.
CBD oil should not be used as a crutch – it’s great to help manage symptoms of anxiety while you reduce the factors that are actually CAUSING your anxiety in the first place.



*THE CBD/HEMP OIL I USED: Quicksilver Scientific*






Disclaimer: This video is for general informational purposes only. It should not be used to self-diagnose and it is not a substitute for a medical exam, cure, treatment, diagnosis, and prescription or recommendation. It does not create a nutritionist-client relationship between Autumn Bates and you. You should not make any change in your health regimen or diet before first consulting a physician and obtaining a medical exam, diagnosis and recommendation. Always seek the advice of a physician, Nutritionist or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Autumn Elle Nutrition Inc. is not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this video or site.


  1. Aisha Yassy says

    The jump cuts made me so anxious 😫

  2. Lusia Elan says
  3. hafsa naseer says

    You should try sandalwood oil it works wonder

  4. Randy's Random Stories says

    This is an excellent video!!

  5. Conquer says

    Geesh. This was stressful to listen to.

  6. YourVapez & CBD says

    So far CBD has helped me to bring my anxiety down.

  7. Mel With Puriti Labs says

    I would encourage you to use a CBD oil from a quality manufacturer who uses pure high quality ingrediencies .. check out use MEL20 for discount…

  8. Diogenes says

    Did you get nightmares when dosing so high?

  9. Dawn S says

    I’m getting dizzy listening to this.

  10. Sir Trunkz says

    Mz Goodie🥰😍😚😘 Got tha goodie bags ⛽️ ⛽️ ⛽️ 👽 👽 tell her I sent ya 😉 she a get u right

  11. Goku Black says

    I find the cbd is helping me achieve goals to become healthier. e.g eating healthy, cbd has helped my decision making process, it's like i have a little more will power & control in the choices i make

  12. D Pro says

    Check out Mz Goodie Bagz on EBay 💋 😍🥰😍🥰she got Delta 8 💨 on deck…tell her I sent ya

  13. Anthony DeCaro Jr says

    Try ashwaghandha. I find it very effective and affordable in powder form. I also recommend using two Sanskrit questions about your thoughts to calm your mind: Are my thoughts useful and do my thoughts behave? (see TEDx talk here: Ayahuasca is also amazing if you can find a trustworthy shaman. I went to Peaceful Mountain Way in Kentucky. The effects were long lasting and powerful.

  14. Mo Green says


  15. Mo Green says


  16. Alex Dean says

    I love your energy, it made me smile

  17. Kaitlyn Ashley says

    Man. This girl is here just trying to help and give tips. You aren’t funny for posting the same exact comment over and over. “This video gave me anxiety.”

  18. Die Nosor Po says

    If im under age (15) should i still use cbd? Specially for social anxiety. Its kinda expensive tho

  19. Diane lindenberger says

    Does it make you sleep at night…….I can't sleep

  20. Chiral Dude says

    Hemp oil is not cbd. Hemp oil is from seeds and CBD from leaves and bud.

  21. Arjun Lal says

    There’s a buy 2 get 1 free sale going on at right now 😉

  22. Juan Francisco says

    Not sure if it was the editing or her still anxious personality but it gave me anxiety just listening to her yet alone watching her twitchy demeanor. No disrespect.

  23. Annie Rigali says

    Hi Autumn! Found your channel recently and I'm obsessed! Thanks for all the wonderful info. Wondering your thoughts on the bodies response to THC? I started taking low dose (1.25-2.5mg thc combined with 2.5mg cbd regularaly via a pill I got at my local dispensary and I'm curious if THC has similar effects to the ones your talking about CBD having?

  24. Scott Goubeaux says

    Something people should be careful about is buying things sold as “hemp oil.” Many companies like to take advantage of the misconceptions associated with that term, they’ll use hemp oil as the ingredient which is hemp seed oil which is for skin care. It’s cheaper and companies make a lot from first time buyers buying it, such as on amazon. (They can’t sell cbd) You are much better off looking for specifically CBD oil. If hemp oil is listed as an ingredient, you are almost surely being scammed. Trust me, look for cbd oil as opposed to hemp oil. This will allow you to cut through much of the bs.

  25. Yung Yetti says

    Your beautiful

  26. joe buddhen says

    shut yo mouth my pants aint down bitch

  27. ránquena says

    I highly recommend you all the book "Loving what it is" by Byron Katie, for those of you dealing with anxiaty

  28. Nick pricey86 says

    Jheez I’m going through really bad Anxiety at the moment it’s so horrible. I’m a shadow of my old self. I’m on 200 mil antidepressants. They are doing absolutely non think. For me

  29. VEVOTMG says

    To much going on in this video I need some cbd now

  30. Mike S says

    I watch most videos at 1.25 or 1.50 speed. I had to slow down for this chick.

  31. Mikaeel Abdul-Malik says

    I think they laced your cbd oil with amphetamines. Slow down.

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  33. Andy J says

    Shes so hot needs good sex to calm down

  34. MyLifeMyWay says

    Whew! Too fast… lots of rambling.

  35. IRONWOLF _OMEGA says

    Xanax helps when needed but makes you too relaxed or just super mellow mood , I hate taking meds so I even fight taking one if I need it I want a different path .

  36. Erin Averyt says

    I have anxiety disorder and recently started trying cbd oil I cannot tell anything yet

  37. Lauren Hutton says

    Love hemp oil for help with my OCD and Anxiety! Ive been using 500 Full Spectrum from the everything hemp store and I LOVE IT! Its literally changed my life.

    only posting that link because they are having a sale right now for anyone wanting to try! Its a company local to me and everything is pure!

  38. Matthew Beausoleil says

    So it won’t work if you just need to take it a couple times a week.. you need to take it everyday?

  39. ExistentialBeing says

    When you’re 100% planning on using it as a crutch because you feel like you’re a hopeless case and just simply cannot function at this point or even drive or go to the grocery store without passing out.

  40. The Michigan Outdoorsman says

    Glitch. Glitch. Glitch. Glitch lol!

  41. BossAOB says

    Should I not use CBD, if I was previously addicted to Marijuana? Thanks in advance if anyone can help! 👍

  42. Ivan Garcia says

    Your cute I hope that helps

  43. Prasanth MP says

    what is the cheapest high concentration ( 1500mg ) cbd oil 30 ml brand ?

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