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Millions of stoners thought about it, talked about it but Nate and Topher lived it.. The story is about a highschool dropout ( Nate Norman ) who wants more from life than doing pizza deliveries. Kid Cannabis, the story does not just show his journey from one side of the American/Canadian border but also his journey through running his own multi-million dollar cannabis empire.

Starring Jonathan Daniel Brown (Nate Norman) with Kenny Wormald (Topher Clark) the story includes loads cannabis, girls, guns as well as many savory and unsavory characters. Many popular actors like Ron Perlman, Kenny Wormaid and John McGinley feature in major roles throughout the biographical comedy-drama film. The film, Kid Cannabis,  was premiered during April 2014 and has fairly good ratings and reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and IDMB.

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Not your regular Cheech and Chong type stoner cult classic this story does tell a true tale about a kid with a dream to be more than regular Joe Blogs. After looking into his favorite pasttime of choice Nate decides to rope in his best friend Topher into a cross-border smuggling operation. Soon they have a larger crew of trusted friends moving millions of dollars of dank from Canadian farmers to the recreational markets of the USA for top dollar.

Nate’s original plan was to make money to help his hardworking single mother and support his younger brother. The dream soon turns into a nightmare as Nate and crew get caught up with the wrong people at the wrong time and ego’s get the better of some.

Unfortunately if you willing to do the crime, you must be willing to the time. After the murder of a competing cannabis smuggler the FBI tracks Nate’s crew down to the mountain forests between the US and Canada and between them many years are served.

A compelling  and thought provoking true story of some youngsters who lived a dream of many, got rich and never died trying. The new established American and Canadian cannabis markets have made cross-border smuggling redundant and this is generally a thing of the past.

This story does have a happy ending and all the guys, including Nate have been released from prison and living happy and successful lives. Nate served 12 years for his dealings in his younger years. Today his story has been told by John Stockwell who accurately portrayed the life of a someone who was willing to risk their life for something they were passionate about.

Kid Cannabis

“It’s like watching Wayne’s World,” says Cikutovich, Nate’s lawyer. “They’re videotaping themselves smoking doobies. Then they get there and there’s no Escalade, and they’re going, ‘Dude! Let’s find this guy and beat him up!’” Nate eventually bought the Escalade in Seattle, paying cash and telling the salesman he won the money gambling. Kid Cannabis Script

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