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One can learn many ways on how to grow cannabis. Whether its from practical experience, books, word of mouth or even online videos, you can always learn something new about cannabis cultivation. There are also some established cannabis communities that welcome new users and provide a knowledge sharing platform to elevate growers craft.

One such community is, or more commonly known as GN. It is a popular community of cannabis enthusiasts. They cater for cannabis growers across the globe and have a predominantly north American influence on their boards. Many knowledgeable growers lurk these forums and post updated grow journals, extraction techniques and post on just about anything cannabis related.

Cannabis Growers Network is supported by the team from and They have provided a platform for customers, viewers and any cannabis enthusiasts to share their cannabis experience.

The forums are neatly divided into categories for different topics, such as:

Grow from home – general cannabis cultivation topics including plant problems, harvesting and grow journals.
Marketplace – includes job listings, buy and sell used equipment, Real Estate…
Cannabis News, Vendor Connect, University, and much more.

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Learning to Grow Cannabis

GN is a perfect platform for any cannabis grower to learn about growing cannabis, or at least try and improve their craft. Hundreds of users share their the wide range of growing conditions, whether indoors or outdoors, or even a small tent grow or a large commercial indoor warehouse.

Its easy to learn from the vast depth of knowledge from this forum. Members have shared grow journals from start to finish using thousands of different genetics and different growing methods. Cannabis can be cultivated using a variety of growing techniques. Some people may choose to grow it outdoors during the hotter summer months, but many people have no choice but to grow indoors discreetly. There are some informative grow journals available with a vast amount of knowledge to learn from.

Take for instance the user BullFrog who posted his comprehensive 30 x 20 ft indoor grow from start to finish. You can see in the pictures the experience and passion this grower with cannabis. Journals like these take one through a journey with the grower and one learns alot during the months from seed to flower, especially with the decades of experience of users like this.

The initial setup of the indoor facility by Bullfrog and co.
Vegging room and plants

I am even documenting my latest grow on GN. I have recently opened 3 packs of automatic seeds received from Biltong and Budz. I find it an easy way to journal your growing progress as well as get help from the community while you growing the plants. Check it out.

Growers Network University

GN has put together 4 professional cannabis cultivation courses. They are free to enroll and complete in your own time. This is great way to improve your growing skills and learn something new. The interactive online videos are very informative covering every aspect with additional course material and further reading. For newbies to growing cannabis, I can highly recommend the Cannabis Cultivation 101 course. This course will cover all the basics you will need to know before growing your first small indoor cannabis crop. Its an easy way for you to make sure you have all the resources you need to grow successfully and also helps you figure out how to put everything together.

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