Legalizing marijuana will advance civil rights!

“Well Julie we are live in Oakland where the NAACP unveiled this report couple of hours ago.” -Allie Rasmus – KTVU
“Young African Americans and a report that we are going to release next week that young latinos are routinely arrested in extremely high numbers far out of proportion to their percentage of the population.” -Stephen Gutwillig Director of CA Drug Policy Alliance.
“If as a case in point you lived here in south central Los Angeles and you were African American, you were seven times more likely to be arrested and sited for possessing marijuana than if you were white.”
“You look at the data, white kids smoke pot on the same and equal levels as African Americans and Latino kids. Drug use is across the race lines. And yet the marijuana arrests in New York City are predominately black and African American, ah black and latino.” -Anthony Romeno ACLU Executive Director
“Legalizing marijuana will advance civil rights.” -Claudia Cowan – Fox News