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Live Q&A with Dr. Greger of on March 22nd at 1 pm ET.


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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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  1. Silvia Volpato says

    legend!! thanks!!

  2. Sean Freeman says

    Hello, can you please make a video on premature greying on beard or head? Some people in their 20s have lots of white hair on beard. I don't think it's healthy. Is it a symptom of a disease?

  3. DS says

    Doctor I asked my wife today why you're bald? And she said it's because you have too much stress currently or in the past. We are disappointed that all your health knowledge has not given you hair. why not? Does epigenetics work?

  4. Bruceann Yellowega says

    Bees collect honey for their hive health. When the honey is removed and replaced with a sugar product, what do you think that does to the health of the bees? ☹️

  5. claire pearson says

    Im trying to find a daily seaweed snack of Nori (because it’s my favourite) for iodine, but I’m worried about Japan’s radiation. Where should I source my Nori snack from?

  6. Maxima Plane says

    I can't believe Dr Greger is only 45 years old, i thought he was in his mid to late 50s. Having said that, he does look younger clean shaven. Great advice as always.

  7. Derek Reeve says

    I eat a large quantity of rolled oats every day (225g on average). What do you think about claims such as this suggesting that it can disturb the oestrogen/testosterone balance in men? Also mentioned in Dr Jon’s response in the comments to this article

  8. jbmop says

    What book manuscript??

  9. nonchalantd says


  10. Bhargavi golla says

    How to eliminate chemical and heavy metal toxicity from a child with developmental delay

  11. Jeremiah Alphonsus says

    Those who have read Designed to Move by Dr. Joan Vernikos, former Director of Life Sciences at NASA, understand that the amount of exercise Dr. Greger advocates is neither necessary nor beneficial. Instead, the key is to maximize regular movement and never sit more than 30 minutes at a time during waking hours.

  12. Peter Rabbit says

    Dr Greger dresses like our produce manager.

  13. Fábio Maciel Correia says

    Dr. Eu preciso de tradutor para o português, por favor.

  14. Gabriel Mijares says

    Please do a video on Fermented cabbage! Please!

  15. dj121 says

    Does it make any difference if I eat regular buckwheat or if I eat kasha, which is the same thing as buckwheat except that it's roasted and has a darker color? What would Dr. Greger say? I know he says not to eat roasted nuts and seeds. but what about buckwheat? You still have to cook it in water, so it's not roasted to the point where you could just eat it out of the bag. Can someone please give me an answer? Will eating kasha be dangerous in any way? I would ask on the live chat but I can never get on for some reason.

  16. Kyle Voeller says

    What are the facts with regards to soaking nuts/seeds? Is it harmful?

  17. Kyle Voeller says

    What are the best recipes from the cookbook to batch cook and freeze?

  18. Kyle Voeller says

    ​How concerned should I be about added salt from hot sauce if I don't cook with salt but do use hot sauce almost daily?

  19. Kyle Voeller says

    ​What are the facts with regards to green tea blocking iron absorption? How long do I have to wait between eating something before I can drink green tea again?

  20. Cristie Wanchap says

    Just got back from holidays and I couldn't wait to get home just so I could pig out on POTATOES, they have become such a big part of my diet that I started to really crave them while away especially boiled sprinkled with pink salt, pepper, nutritional yeast and lemon juice served with some kind of greens.. yum!

  21. Susan Resig says

    Hi, Manuel, I have struggled for years to reduce my blood pressure. Gerson Therapy, vegan, WGPB. FINALLY, in the last 2 weeks following WFPB AND, by adding in a huge green smoothie with 11ozs of greens, 2 bananas, 1 cup blueberries, 1 qt water, and 2-3 TB flax seed daily, my bp last evening was 110/65, I haven't seen that in 35 years!

  22. Lilly Rose says

    looking forward to fasting workshop

  23. stereo steve says

    What about lipoprotein a? risk factor for heart disease

  24. Samara Al Ahmar says

    Who the fuck are the 9 people who gave this a thumbs down?

  25. tamcon72 says

    Writing another book?! The man is a machine ! Love watching these after-the-fact, as they are exciting as well as informative; TFP : )

  26. Felix Wemmel says

    Great as usual Greger. There's one thing I want to add though, which is that honey production actually does kill off bees. Honey is the bees ONLY source of food so when we steal it, we need to replace it. We do this with a sugary substitute, which provides insufficient nutrition and causes inflammation which eventually leads to death. I thought this information was worth sharing! Thanks.

  27. Peter czapla says

    Most annoying voice and way of speaking I have ever heard

  28. Michael Bradley says

    I can not thank you enough for improving my health to a level which I thought was impossible having tried everything else, if only I had found you first, Thank you.

  29. Hoopty Boontain says

    I love this guy, he's freaking brilliant…. BUT he's so weird…

  30. dobster says

    Heart burn from raw garlic? Really? I used to suffer from heart burn before WFPB times and now the first thing I ingest is a crushed clove of garlic which I chew and then swallow. At the beginning I got a brief weird feeling in my tummy, but not any more and never heart burn.

  31. Matt Green says

    As an athletic type 1 diabetic, after switching to a whole food plant based diet I have reduced my insulin requirements by approx 1/3rd. Is there any data or leading research on curing t1d? I love your work and greatly appreciate all you do. Thank you!

  32. 5ko says

    is it possible to stop autoimmune reaction in teenager suffering type 1 diabetes? avoiding meat and milk? teenagers can grow new pancreas cells. so if autoimmune reaction never occur again he can be insulin shots free?

  33. Low hanging fruit says

    Can you please do a segment on K and A vitamin?

  34. colonyofcells iamamachine2 says

    I heard food from japan might be contaminated with radiation from fukushima accident.

  35. colonyofcells iamamachine2 says

    For sweeteners, probably better to use fresh fruits like fresh banana rather than dried fruits like dried dates.

  36. Terri Lynch My Life says

    Years ago I drank some warm green tea. I took a few sips and then lay down on the bed and close my eyes for a few minutes. When I open my eyes I was blind. I was freaking out and pushing on my eyeballs, and finally I started to get my vision back after about a few minutes maybe 10. I have no idea why that happened. I was drinking organic green tea. I heard that it was good for you and I wanted to try some hot tea to relax. Does anyone know why I would have gone blind for 10 minutes? needless to say I never drank green tea again.

  37. Joann Dehnert says

    I have been drinking almond, soya and cashew milk. They are all fortified with vitamin B12. They all claim that one cup provides 50% of daily recommend amount. If I drink 2cups a day will this cover my B12 or should I also take a supplement? Love your channel!

  38. Guersom Falcon says

    I wonder if one day it will fall off

  39. James Arnes says

    I finally figured out why I was getting eczema every winter on my shins and what to do about it: I get it because I heat my house and it drys out the air too much. So, I put an evaporate humidifier (no electricity used) in my room and the itching and redness have nearly disappeared.

  40. Madbrido says

    Is it safe while breastfeeding to take supplements such as vitamin d, b12, folic acid and omega3?

  41. clarebear2 says

    Is it the caffeine or the tannin, or both, in tea and coffee that can interfere with the absorption of vitamins? 🙂

  42. hooglieable says

    What are the top foods for good bacteria in gut?

  43. Dwight J. says

    Thanks for your services

  44. Full Time Vegan In Ohio says

    I heard raw milk helps with eczema. I wouldn't recommend tho. People have died from the bacteria. I've also read bee farmers that steal the honey replace it with corn syrup. To which bees population can't sustain on throughout the winter. It's cruel because the rip the wings off momma bee so she stays. The workers and drones always stay with the queen so she can't leave that area

  45. Aidan Parente says

    Fasting series!!!! Can't wait

  46. dakota farmgirl says

    How to help Hypothyroidism. ???🍅🌽🌶🥕🍆🥑🥝🥔🥒🍄🥜🌰🍞 thanks Doc 😁

  47. Carrie JL Hickman says

    Is there a minimum amount of salt we need?

  48. Anna0630 says

    Do vegans get enough of vit K (for those who don’t consume nato)?

  49. maremacd says

    I drink white tea, which, from what I’ve read, has significantly less caffeine than, but just as many health benefits as, green tea.

  50. hallajavel says

    what can I do if I have digestive issues and want to be vegan? I have tried soaking grains and legumes and then cooking them but it still cause troubles.. I get really tired and brain foggy too.

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