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Live Q&A with Dr. Greger of on May 27 at 3:00p ET


Every month I go live from my treadmill to answer your questions here on YouTube and on Facebook. Check out the YouTube playlist for all past chats, and visit for links to the Facebook Q&As.

Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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  1. James Stice says

    Love you

  2. ReallyOrganic says

    Why would you recommend drinking tap water? Tap water is very toxic.

  3. Betty-Jane Moss says

    Love all the clips. I listen non stop while cleaning the house or painting etc. So I ususally don't click the like, but love them all. Thank you so much for this information. Following your diet plan I have lost 37 pounds in the last 5 months and am feeling better. And my Dr, has taken me off 2 medicines. And best of all I showed my Dr. how I was improving my diet and show him your book and he ordered a copy for himself.

  4. ses z says

    How do I become a lifestyle medical doctor? I just got my bachelor's degree and I am planning on going to D.O. school. But I don't know how to incorporate nutrition like a vegan dietary nutritionalist?? Your guidance would be appreciated!

  5. MrMasterDebate says

    Dr, could you potentially, put time stamps for the questions in the video? Or at least for the future videos.

  6. Scores Galore says

    I take adenocobalamin. I used to take methylcobalamin and not noticed any difference in whether I take it or not. I noticed the adeno gives me more focus and mood lift. It is the closest to what the body uses

  7. Sophie says

    And now i start fasting and just liquid for the weekend for heal the body

  8. Sophie says

    Hi i miss always your live video chat. I hope you do a video on otite vertigo,.. i start to got that 2 years ago, my quality life is not good because of that… i have crisis more often whats the real causes ,.. yes its start with sinus and otite ear and vertigo im vegetarian almost 98 % plant base diet … and take b12 magnesium hibiscus tea all you recommand mostly…

  9. Heath Wallace says

    when is dr. greger's next q and a session?

  10. Peggy Simpson says

    Had vertical gastric surgery 2 years ago to lose weight — down 70 pounds. But since becoming vegan recently, I have very little room for a normal volume of food. What foods should I concentrate on to get eaten first?

  11. T T says

    can somebody comment on this? nutritional yeast can not produce b12, it is fortified with it…so it is synthetic b12…so what to do? thx

  12. Katelyn Hofer says

    Do you have any thoughts on Fructose Malabsorption or DFI? I have been following a strict gluten free diet due to Celiac's for 6 years, and a whole foods vegan diet for the last year. I began experiencing symptoms much like the ones I had before giving up gluten, deep acne on my cheeks and jaw, headaches, bloating, vomiting, and changes in bowl movements. My doctors have run many tests, but none were conclusive. I have done some research and some have said there could be a connection with Celiac's Disease and DFI. Please help!

  13. William Read says

    How can i ask questions on your video please? Its about green tea in japan that I've been drinking

  14. Troy S says

    He looks kinda sickly… Just sayin..


    best Dr. ever…But I get sea sick if I watch him pacing back and forth on that dam tredmill…..which is easy enough to correct….but Please get some SUN

  16. Vickie Manning says

    Dr. Gregor would love your thoughts on the science behind the use of statins in elderly (80+) when no risk factor other than age.

  17. Extraterrestrial says

    Dr Greger.  You talk too damn fast.

  18. Oscar Gaona says

    Dr. Greger you the man!

  19. Kay Birum says

    Steam rising up in background?? Hope all ok😎

  20. Donna Wild says

    So great. Thank you.

  21. Grateful says

    Oh my gosh!
    Is he a smoker?!

  22. Goodaffood says

    Love these Q&A's! Real excited for the Intermittent Fasting videos.

  23. Leafie1 says

    Dear Dr, where do I post a question?

  24. Od Xrfk says

    I want to see Michael Greger master nutrition so hard that he grows all his hair back

  25. jessie says

    Has anyone ever asked Michael his stance on the ethics and morality of a vegan lifestyle??

  26. AZ CBD Source says

    I'd like to understand better the risk of eating RAW POTATOES. I've read they are, or can be toxic. THANKS Doc, you ROCK!

  27. StarFlower99654 says

    The best mouth sore folk medicine remedy is: dabbing ALUM powder (the pickling spice) on the sore. It immediately stops the pain and heals up really fast, in what seems like a day. Learned if from my grandma and have always used it.

  28. StarFlower99654 says

    Cannabis is legal in my state. I hate smoking anything including it. So I learned how to make cannabutter. I make my own using coconut oil with decarbed cannabis. It is wonderful to never smoke but still take my no smoke med!

  29. Ariane Edmundson says

    I had a question. Sorry so late. Here goes: Auto-immune diseases such as Lupus, is it considered a "Doctor" disease or a "life-style" disease?

  30. dunklaw says

    Please, Please, Please post videos on healthy fodmap soon 🙂

  31. Reg Lukosius says

    Dr. Greger, I understand that you bring science news and try to be objective about it.
    I also understand that you care about animals?
    So I was really surprised to hear you say that people should put honey in their green tea? 🙁 🙁
    I am sure you're familiar with what happens to bees when their honey is taken away?
    Or do you have some different opinion about this?

  32. Veronica S says

    I don't know where I am supposed to ask a question. But if anyone wants to give input I would appreciate it. I am a teenager and I transition into a plant-based diet about 5 months ago. My period went away and I don't know what I should do. I haven't had my period a few months. Is it possible I might not be getting enough iron? Or not enough calories?

    Btw I am definitely not pregnant.

  33. Chris Geoghegan says

    How to overcome epilepsy in adults without taking medication?

  34. Wayne Waters says

    Are the organic tea bags ok? Or is it best to stick to loose leaf tea?

  35. Artem Nikulchenko says

    Do you think it would be possible for you to post audio for this video somewhere? I love to listen to your audio while driving.

  36. therealtoni says

    Do you have any diet recommendations for what seems to be a chronic pancreatitis/ and flareups (aggravated by gastroparesis?) for a 61 y.o. non-smoking, social drinking female?

  37. Omar Nuri says

    I am pre diabetic, but Moslem and do fast from dawn to dusk for 30 days. Your thoughts?

  38. Edeline Jean says

    Dr. Greger, I have been on the whole foods plant based diet for two months yet my blood pressure is still very bad. 180/107. Is this diet good for primary aldosteronism? Please help me!

  39. Pleiadian says

    Tap water? I heard and read so many nasty things on fluoride, chlorine, lead, mercury contained in tap water. What about Reverse Osmosis and re-add some potassium and magnesium gluconate after?

  40. Millenium Raymond Divine says

    volitle Marihuana oil

  41. Millenium Raymond Divine says

    Always drink before a meal never drink after (min. 1 hr) as this dilutes the HCl hydrochloric acid in the stomach which prevents other necessary digestive functions from happening easily

  42. Vanessa says

    for the woman experiencing bloating … I also experienced bloating and gas during my transition to whole plant foods. I toughed it out and after 6 months it went away and never came back (vegan for 3 years now). If it's very bad when eating certain foods like legumes, she could try taking Beano when she eats them. I believe the gas was a part of my gut flora adjusting to the new diet.

  43. Louis Mazzone says

    Thanks for the video.  I've been plant-based since Jan 2017 and feel awesome, but still have Blepharitis.  Do you have any advice to eat certain foods.ThanksStealth

  44. civi68 says

    If we still don't know about almond milk having the same nutrient blocking issues as dairy milk, what do you put on your oatmeal, cereal, etc?

  45. Clyde Rembrandt says

    Winter is NOT starting in 4 days in the southern hemisphere.

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