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Live Q&A with Dr. Greger of on November 30 at 1 PM ET


Every month I go live from my treadmill to answer your questions here on YouTube and on Facebook. Check out the YouTube playlist for all past chats, and visit for links to the Facebook Q&As.

Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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  1. A Non Amous says

    I have a sensitivity to noise and his walking sounds were highly distracting. I get that not everyone is bothered by it.

  2. Dr Gregor. I’ve been featuring you on my site for five years to a few million people a month. My better half of 10 years Dr. Mercola has interviewed you. But we just have one question. You do understand that vaccines are not vegan. Right?

  3. Joy Heintz says

    Does this doctor recommend flu shots?

  4. TheRedPIll says

    Dr. Gregor, I appreciate you and all you share. The research you’ve done and continue to do is amazing and most helpfully. However, I have a request.

    If you have NOT done extensive research on some questions, please answer it that way. Lead your answer with I don’t know, not sure, haven’t done nearly as much research or haven’t researched but read about it and your thoughts and opinions thus far are…

    Because people equate your extensive knowledge in nutrition to every other area of health and take your opinion as truth.

  5. mark drocy says

    haha books upside down so funny.. love this guy

  6. Karen M. says

    There is a YouTube video about British testing for fitness/for age. I don't remember the name but I think the nationalized medicine there came up with some fitness standards testing…

  7. dpmike1189 says

    Flu shots are bogus

  8. Maria G says

    Hi Dr Greger – is there any evidence that Irish Moss, eaten as the prepared gel that's sold online , builds collagen in the skin?? I'm reading that it's a good alternative to build collagen if you don't eat meat. Thank you!

  9. Brittney Krystal says

    I love Greger, but man are you off on vaccines! I had a vaccine reaction as a kid and KNOW what encephalitis feels like! ( A listed side effect on every vaccine inserts) Don't over simply this by calling it "conspiracy" You "Dr" is showing. Do you really expect government funded studies to go against the cash cow? Of course not! But talk to parents of autistic kids, and they will tell you what happened (and believe me, they know life changed after the shots) we are leading developed nation's in sids and autism…. You can literally see video tapes of kids before and after shots regressing (no longer making eye contact or walking…) you need to dig deeper

  10. Brook Graves says

    Dr. Gregor, I believe that Andrew Wakefield was vindicated recently.

  11. Bethery von Dassow says

    How could this be streamed live on Nov. 30, 2017 if it's only the 28th today?

  12. BetterYouBetterWorld V says

    Dr Gregor what should those of us do who refuse to eat animal products or take supplements and are going for the self sustained food forest live in a hut type lifestyle? is there sufficient b12 in rain water? whats up.. we should never have to go against our conscious..

  13. Claire B says

    Such a beautiful person

  14. Shawna Beavers says

    really? Everyone should get flu shots every year? now I get it, you work for the enemy. I pray you reconsider your choices. i.e. Jesus or the god of this world. Another DEAD giveaway is the obvious 666 hand signs. THERE ARE LIES IN THIS TRUTH BE AWARE.

  15. Kathy Fausett says

    Doc, you're amazing and incredibly informed regarding food, but you need to do your homework before you comment on Dr. Wakefield and his involvement with vaccines.  I think you will find parallels between pharma and big food that are familiar.

  16. JayClassic says

    i must try pawpaws now

  17. yoli J says

    I got my book!!!! So excited!

  18. Kim Slatter says

    I've ordered your book Dr Greger, can't wait!! When is your next live Q&A? I'm in Sydney, Australia and seem to miss you live. Want to ask about best/worst foods for INTERSTITIAL CYSTITIS. My sister suffers badly and has given up meat in the last 6 months. I'm hoping she will go Vegan after spending the Xmas holidays with me this year 🙂

  19. dave houston says

    I'm going to try that cherry oatmeal breakfast wow that sounds good. I will use bananas for sweetness

  20. Shauna Carpenter says

    Dr. Greger: I had my appendix removed and the CT scan also showed a rather large, fluid-filled cyst on my spleen and a smaller one on my liver. I've since gone almost completely plant-based (and was already eating a ton of veggies and fiber), but how do I get rid of the cysts other than that? Can't find anything online. Anyone else feel free to chime in, too, if you find reliable info.

  21. Sandy Weaver says

    You need to walk a littel faster Dr. Greger to get your heart rate up a bit. LOL

  22. Kallal pramanik says

    Dr Gregor, can you please create a video on DiRECT study, recently published in the Lacet?

  23. Beckita R says

    I got your cookbook in the mail yesterday. It's beautiful, and the recipes look delish! I made the Mac and Cheese today and it was truly yummy! Thank you!

  24. Larry Hutcherson Sr says

    I would like to hear your take on eating Honey. Most vegans avoid it, but I am wondering if there are any good medical reasons for excluding it. Oh, and I am also still quite anxious to hear about Pea protein isolate after hearing that Soy Protein Isolate is linked to colon cancer like sausage, bacon and hotdogs.

  25. Padraic loingsigh says

    I'm sorry, but the alfalfa sprout thing is absurd. If I sprout alfalfa in my house there is a .000000001 chance that I will get salmonella from it. seriously. what am I going to come home and start touching it with my cross contaminated hands?

  26. Kuro Hikes says

    If you are slumping in the afternoon try drinking 20 oz of water.

  27. Lisa Lightning says

    How do people know in advance when you'll be doing these? Is it the same day every month? I always get notified by email when it starts but I don't check my email every second!

  28. TheStefif says

    Gigante beans… haven't seen them at my local food coop. I'll have to look better

  29. Martin Vlcek says

    this jackass is 44 and looks to be 65 already, and he's pretending to be a know-it-all ("How Not To Die" is a damn arrogant title for a book, especially from someone who looks unhealthy) yet he pretends vaccines are good for you.

    there is an actual court, specifically for vaccines, where you sue manufacturers for harm. is there an ice cream court? can i sue Haagen Daasz over a bad batch? there isn't even a special "automobile manufacturer court" – you have to go thru regular courts. why is there a special vaccine court? because vaccines are inherently unsafe and in fact cause a host of health issues, lifelong health issues, and autism is just 1 of those which happens to be more serious.

  30. Iridav says

    Where do we ask the questions?


    Where can I post a question for this months Q&A. Thanks in advance.

  32. swearwolves says

    Hey, Dr. Greger!! Thanks for all of your hard work. If possible, I'd love some info about hypothyroidism and if diet can help with some of the side effects (particularly fatigue, brain fog, hair loss, and weight gain)… I've suffered from it since I was in my teens (23 now) and even on medication not all of my symptoms have disappeared. It's a constant struggle. I'm eating healthier than I did in the past (vegan diet, of course), but are there particular things I can eat or things I can do to help with those symptoms? Also, I seem to feel better when my TSH is below 1, but my doctor won't really raise my prescription because I'm in what's considered the "normal range" and she's worried I'll dip into hyperthyroidism. In addition, I've also noticed that my vitamin D is usually very low, borderline deficient (I've been deficient in the past and was put on supplements for a time) and was wondering if that had any definite link to thyroid problems? Thanks again!

  33. Yoga Unity says

    👍You're an amazing human being Dr. Greger! 🙌
    🍓 I'm so excited for your cook book!! 🌱

  34. Maureen K says

    Can't wait to receive my copy of the cookbook!

  35. OTB Quality Cleanup says

    HELP! Guys I'm trying to go vegan but the keto people keep saying that saturated fat is not harmful while the vegans say that it is, and they both have studies to back them up….. ugh just want to be healthy.

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