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Seattle Cannabis: Top 5 Strains

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Looking for the best cannabis in Seattle, Washington? We’re here to evaluate the finest and strongest strains that Washington has to offer. 

Ever since Washington legalized marijuana in 2012, local growers have cultivated a marijuana landscape that is truly unique to the Pacific Northwest, and these top strains continue to make Seattle one of the hottest cannabis tourism destinations in the world.

Are Cannabis Strains Really That Different?

Weed is weed, right? Well… it’s actually a little more complicated than that. 

A craft beer and a margarita are both alcoholic beverages – but you wouldn’t call them the same type of drink. Similarly, different cannabis strains produce different highs, depending on what you’re looking for.

While you’re likely already familiar with the differences between the two main marijuana strains, indica (generally more “in-da-couch” as so commonly known, with a relaxing high) and sativa (generally an energizing mind-based high), there are more nuances even within those two large umbrellas.

Beyond that, where the plant is grown also has an impact on the user’s experience.

Just as California oranges and Florida oranges have distinct differences, the atmosphere where cannabis is grown creates a product unique to the locality.

If the popularity of Seattle cannabis is any indication, the Emerald City has hit an agricultural sweet spot.


What Are the Most Popular Seattle Weed Strains?

The best Seattle weed strains based on consumer behavior are:

Pineapple Kush 

This strain is sativa-dominant and produces a moderate high thanks to its 17.5% THC content. Fortunately, the high is not wildly considered overwhelming or “too much”.

Users enjoy the aroma of pineapple, hence the name, as well as notes of caramel and butter. Some even describe a subtle undertone of mint.

Aside from enjoying an uplifted mood and mental relaxation, you may also experience an increase of creativity. It’s common to also experience a light body high sensation, but the physical high isn’t as strong as other strains included on this list. 

If you’re looking for a strain that can help improve mood and keep you awake and sociable, Pineapple Kush is a strong option.

GG1 or GG#1

On the other end of the spectrum we have GG1, which is also known as Gorilla Glue 1 or Sister Glue. While Pineapple Kush provides a euphoric feeling, GG1 is a flavorful strain that is known for its calming properties. In fact, many users turn to GG1 to help with pain relief and sleeplessness.

If you want to enjoy your cannabis before bed, then GG1 should llikely be at the top of your list.

Golden Pineapple

If you’ve searched for “dispensary near me” before on Google, chances are that results for Golden Pineapple may have popped up. This strain is extremely popular in Seattle and is offered at local dispensaries such as American Mary.

As the name suggests, the flavor is described as fruity. It’s THC content is around 21%, and it also boasts 1.5% CBG. 

Golden Pineapple is a perfectly balanced hybrid, 50 percent sativa and 50 percent indica. While it’s not as popular as others on the list, it’s quickly gaining popularity and will likely be one of the top strains within the next 1-2 years.

Because Golden Pineapple is a true 50-50 split, you’ll feel good with a peppy effect, but will come down feeling calm with very little grogginess. Medical users also enjoy Golden Pineapple for its pain relief qualities. Creatives love it for its energizing and uplifting effects.

24K Gold 

Grown in Washington’s Methow Valley, this strain is truly unique to the Pacific Northwest. This strain is grown in extremely mineral-rich native soil, abundant sunlight year-round, and dry summers and falls. This results in an herbal, pine, and citrus-like quality. Users describe it as smelling like a basket of fresh fruits and pine needles.

24K Gold is indica-dominant, so you’ll enjoy a more relaxed experience. The THC content is 20.5%. The top effects are stress-relief, relaxation, and happiness!

How to Find a Dispensary Near Me

Now that you know the top cannabis strains in Seattle, chances are that you’ll want to visit a dispensary to try some of these options. 

The key to finding the best dispensaries in Seattle is to check out their Google reviews. Just because a dispensary is close to you, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best option. There may be other shops that provide more products at better prices. Sometimes, it’s better to travel the extra mile or two to get to a highly respected dispensary that other users trust.

By evaluating Google reviews, you’ll get a sense of the common experiences that users have. Instead of reading just 1 or 2 reviews, go ahead and skim through a few so that you get a “feel” for what it’s like inside the dispensary.

What are the prices like? How do the budtenders treat you? Do they have a wide variety of products that are actually in stock?

When you take a look at Google Reviews, you’ll have these questions answered and so much more! You can see the hours of operation, address, contact information, website, and COVID-related information (such as curbside pickup options or whether in-store shopping is allowed).

Don’t know where to begin in finding a Seattle dispensary? We recommend checking out American Mary, which has 2 locations in Seattle for your convenience. Their variety of strains includes the most popular products in the city as well as some “hidden jewels” that you’ll want to give a try!

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