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THC shows age reducing properties, low amounts of THC can assist with sleep and more!


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THC restores cognitive function in mice –


  1. Pigeons 420 says

    Sorry for the technical difficulties at the end of the show. Not sure what happened. But thanks for taking the journey with me!

  2. Tech Junkie says

    I glanced at the video, in regards to your cam. Until you buy another one you can sit a weighted box behind the cam, and wedge some paper, cardboard cuttings under it; enough to elevate the angle in front. Or if all else fails…there's always the ironing board, or a cheap tv tray…with legs ô¿ô

  3. McShaft says

    Hi Pigeons. How often do you water as compared to Feed nutrients?

  4. ra rebel says

    Have you ever used cropking seeds

  5. OG 97 says

    appreciate you've uploaded twitch streams!! il never catch a livestream live but they're all great to watch still!

  6. isaac cutlip says

    You should do polls of strains for next grows. Let us pick your weed lol

  7. Shantell Peralta says


  8. Krusty Old smoker says

    Yes sir it is different how you pick up friends online you just kind of know that the person seems really cool you seem like a wacky cool dude so you know I like watching you you know how it is have a fantastic day sir keep it growing

  9. Brent Burkholder Jr says

    Hey pigeons love your videos bro. I watch this show weediquette on hulu with my wife. Great show! The latest episode I watched really hit home with me. It was about opiates and cannabis. And getting off opiates by using non traditional methods. Using shatter, wax, and rso to get off methadone to be exact. Me being on methadone and somewhat scared to get off, this is right up my alley. I dont currently partake in using cannabis. I did when I was younger and now I'm really considering trying again. It's hard not to hit my wife's blunt that I rolled for her. I just had some bad experiences at the end of my pot smoking career. I got bad anxiety and paranoia from smoking. But I'm really thinking hard about giving it a try again. Any insight on any of this would be much appreciated.

  10. Green Snapper says

    Hey Bud , Just saw that Maryland in the U S Is Waiting for the FDA to Pass it for them . Yes you guess it BEER with CANNABIS What the Hell.. lol Thanks Man.

  11. Ted Moreton says

    Yoo pigeons

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