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  1. toronto8086 says

    I love sativa,indica burns me out.I like the upper high.Funny I have anxiety sometimes,but still prefer the upper.

  2. ChiBeauty says

    I LOVE HOW YOU SPEAK ABOUT YOUR KID 😭😭😭😭 I can totally relate. 💜💜💜💜…Great job!

  3. Huey H says

    Last year I took 15 plants dug a hole 8 inches apart from all the plants and they all grew about 6 ft tall in the California soil water and these plants are I will not grow indoors indoors you waste your time you waste your money would I spend last year Michael reisin I spent $22 on micro rising and yeah I spent a whole bunch of money for my chickens to feed them but I get what eggs and I get chicken shit back last year I put a pile of chickenshit a foot and a half away from a plant watered it is watered the plant in the plant got 13 feet tall because of the chickenshit so this year I'm doing chickenshit on every play every plant I'm going to put in I hope they only get like six foot tall I don't like the 13 Footers is like me who wants to mess with something you can't look into it's taller than me get on the ladder not worth it if it's 6 ft tall 5 foot wide that's what I want that's what I had last year that 13 foot or was because of the chickenshit and it kind of bleached into the and I grew the 13th floor what in a 5 gallon bucket in the ground so of course the roots went down in the ground and and got the chickenshit down in there I guess but fuck the the stock on this 13 footer was bigger than my tank good Sixers versus but I wish I could send you some seeds and what do you have you have the diesel the skunk diesel is the only one I'll keep all that other shit that's to diesel itself is Indica is basically they change the fucking name because they got some fucking talk to teens in it or something is change the tarpeins couple Blends back and you go back to Indica there's there's nothing with that plant the skunk Indica are the skunk I'll keep all your plants I throw away not worth it they're too strong your smoke the plant and took a hit and you couldn't stop coughing and your eyes are baked your eyes were glazed and you woke up about 15 minutes later spit all over your chest but what the hell man I don't remember passing out but I don't do no chemicals the problem is you folks you guys are grown with chemicals man grown with chemicals I don't know why you can't just grow a plant in the soil fuck all those chemicals do with a plant grow in one year time I do more lazy time in my garden then I do in my garden doing work the only time I'm doing work in my garden is he the pulling a plant down tied down after I get six foot tall you pull it down to its two-foot-tall it just lay down and water your plants and then they're no longer 6ft tall going every which way and they're only two and a half feet tall but you have 22 branches coming up plus the stock well then you got twenty two top buns and in those are going to Branch out again I don't cut nothing you don't cut nothing you can bend plan over no problem that's the way God God made the plant and it's going to grow the way it wants to grow if you keep dodging cutting routine pop popcorn eating whatever you guys call that shit down inside the plant down inside a plant part of the plant so what you want to do is Harvest you harvest the top of your buds the first 8 in you got small little plants in your indoor home shit you take off your First Cut Is the 8in okay you might get up with a ounce and a half or the book the plants still alive you still have all the popcorn down in there cuz don't forget you didn't touch your plant last year I took 15 plants Doug a hole 8 inches apart from all the plants and the all grew about 6 ft tall in the California soil water the Chipettes it and he's plants are I would not grow indoors and doors you waste your time you waste your money what I spend last year Michael rising I spent $22 on Michael rising and yeah I die spent the whole bunch of money for my chickens to feed them but I get what eggs and I get chicken shit back last year I put a pilot chicken shit a foot and half away from a plant watered it in water the plant and the plant got 13 ft tall because of the chicken shit so this year I'm doing chicken shit on every plant every plant of going to put in a hope they only get like 6 ft tall don't like the 13 footers is like knew wants the best with something you can't look into it's taller than me get on it ladder not worth it if it 6:00 foot tall 5 foot wide that's what I want that's what I had last year that 13 foot was because of the chicken shit in it come bleached into the Elk and I grew the 13 floor what and a 5-gallon bucket is the ground so of course the roots went down in the ground and then got the chicken shit down in there I guess but fuck the the stock on

  4. shawn whited says

    Hey buddy I got a really big question I need a response to I just broke down and done some lighting investment and I bought a phantom lighting system and when I got it it had 2 different watt bulbs 1 is a 250watt yellow and a 400watt yellow looking bulb when it's on. it kinda reminds me of a Street light if you ask me but my question to u is what kinda high pressure sodium bulbs would you suggest ??cause I been using some cheap leds.. I more or less had to build and I just got tired of burning them up… I was just wasting money trying to be a cheap guy.. but lessons learned on that deal .when trying to bring the outside environments to the indoors it's not easy by far. I live in the back woods of Kentucky I'm surrounded by mountains so I'm plenty familiar with out door growing not much 2 it. this is harder then it looks.. I had a plant for over a year and it was a female! for sure and never seen a bud 1 till I just copped it down and started over but she was just a regeys seed nothing special like I said I have grow plants 8 an 10 foot tall like I said tho this is a totally different ball game all the way around I'll take any info u can spare I'm constantly watching YouTube looking for any technics that I can learn from but I feel like I'm still beging tho so can I get a helping hand up there buddy and I'm also going from a big ol gal plant to these femilized and autoflowers I know how to do all the training and topping and things like that u have got a lot of tips and tricks but u need a light video talking about all of the affordable lighting systems u need to get out on the market cause trust me nothing like them cheap full spectrum dog tag looking led lights they sell out there for just a. Few $$ and they will work to a point but after the plant hits a certain size it's like the plant would just stop doing anything. It was like it was fake and just sitting there one of the damnest things I have ever seen a reg seed do cause of the lighting conditions it's nuts thanks again shawn pigeons 420 all the way

  5. Leota18 says

    I'm on a budget. Would it hurt my plant if I just transferred it to regular potting soil the last 3 weeks, and just used plain water instead of flushing the whole pot?. Can you give me the pros, and or cons of each, if any?

  6. Andrew Heffner Videography says

    Hey pigeons love your videos. Live in Michigan and just started a micro grow, three lemon ices just entering veg stage and used all your videos for help. You know what you're doing and have watched hours of your channel and it's really helped me. I'd love to show you my set up somehow to see if you have any tips for me! I know this video is older but reach out if you could I'd really appreciate it!

  7. Grow Bros says

    Just flushing Bubbelgum—thanks for the info!!! Awesome shirt 🤙

  8. Theresemarie Gastineau says

    I saw in someone else's video that after the flushing is completed, I need to put the plants in 48hrs of darkness before cutting them down…is that true?

  9. JM 26 says

    Whats up Pigeons. I'm quickly approaching the light at the end of my first grows tunnel, and I'm still trying to get clear on a few things. Todays day 68 on some Train Wreck I got from CKS. Do you begin the flush once you see the right ratio of cloudy/amber trich's, or do you flush in anticipation of when you think that will be?

    Reading other journals it looks like most people are chopping these ladies down between day 80-100. I know I for sure want a two week flush at the minimum. As it stands, I'm flushing in anticipation, so this upcoming weekend, I plan to do the first flush. I don't want to start too early tho and miss out on some fatter buds. Any guidance would be much appreciated at this point.

  10. QuabmasM says

    How do i avoid having helicopters detect my indoor plants' lamp? I know there are better lamps to buy but what else do I need to know to avoid paranoia and foolishness? I live in Texas btw and Ive never grown anything in my life. Want to grow inside my house(Im a single adult). I have no plans of telling anybody, distributing, nor letting anyone know i grow so my only concern is neighbors smelling it and nosy cops(because I hear them oddly flying about in circles at night at least 4 times a year in these cop infested cities).

  11. Shawn Cogar says

    what is that thing you light your bong with

  12. Susan Winters says

    I forgot to mention, if you begin the flush a little more gently, allowing the water "table" to work its way down to the bottom of the pot before you begin flushing in earnest, you might wash more out with less water. A conservation thought that popped into my head as I watched all that water exit the sides of the pot. You could see the table dropping, but by the time it hit the floor you'd lost half your volume to nothing more than channelling of the water that couldn't penetrate to the roots below.

    If you started with a quart at a time , over say, 5 to 10 minutes? Dump a bit, wait a bit, dump a bit more, until the soil is saturated enough that the major dump hits all the roots from the beginning. The water exits the bottom of the pot, not the sides. It's the way I intend to do mine when I'm at that point.

    I have another friend who swears by an additional flush at week five of flower. Have you ever done that? It's been his practice for many years.

  13. Susan Winters says

    Love, love, love the shirt. Lol! Santa was good to you. Did you leave him cocoa and buds?

  14. Tez Wood says

    Bad ass shirt!!

  15. wiggy wilkes says

    Can u make a step by step way to grow and harvest weed

  16. Rik Vasen says

    good video explaining the flush Pigeons! I only have a short 30 minutes spare time right now until new years eve and I already mentioned why I have so little spare time in your 420Magazine grow journal I´m not sure if you´ve read it but I will be back in after new years eve so that means i´m not active that much until 2017 so, thanks for the video pigeons and I´ll catch up with you in the beginning of a whole new year! Take care Pigeons! Cheers!

  17. gwrich01 says

    You're a canabis master! I have so much to learn! Keep up the awesome work brother

  18. Jose Torres says

    Its strange to see that there are not really any other vids of people washing the buds after the harvest. It does sound logical, maybe i will make a vid and smoke report of my own after this grow is done. The first time i watched you do it, I was like wtf is this dude doing? LOL but now it makes sense, since the resin is not water soluble it should not leave the plant unless oil or heat is applied. Keep growing, i will be updating my blog with a link to the bud washing stage you do -when i get that far, right now i am in mid veg, and choosing clones to flower. Cheers happy new year!

  19. JeffreyViews says

    It gives you a warm feeling when you are appreciated. Cool little pots.

  20. Jonathan Red-Cloud says

    we missed ya over the holiday weekend but we are glad ur family had a great Christmas. God is good my brother. love the vid keep'em comin.

  21. Que Stroud says

    YES! THIS IS THE FIRST VIDEO OF A HIGHLY ANTICIPATED SERIES! I'M EXCITED TO SEE THE PROCESS FROM NOW TIL IT'S SMOKED! Please don't leave any stones unturned, lol! I'm also saving the videos (this series) to a zip drive for an in-depth review when I reach this point.

    Please include (in later videos): how to know when it's ready to come off the line and your schedule for burping. THANKS (x1000)!

  22. Angel barajas says

    Hi pigeon and merry Christmas if didn't already wish you one. Btw I'm proud of how you expressed yourself about your little boy👍🏻 you're a lucky lucky man pigeons.

  23. Anthony T says

    What's good bro

  24. miko asifoa says

    Great video my man! Keep up the great work brother

  25. MICHAEL REYES says

    nice video man I'm not done watching it but I will have a good day.

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