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The Role of the Gut Microbiome in Autism


What role do antibiotics play in the development and treatment of autism spectrum disorder?

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Sorry! Poop jokes—like poop itself—can be a little corny 🙂

Here’s the link to the video I refer to: What’s Your Gut Microbiome Enterotype? ( But the more important one is How to Change your Enterotype (

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Image credit: tookapic / Pixabay
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  1. Connor Duke says

    As a father of a child who took heavy antibiotics at birth, I sense the gut-brain connection could be key. This recent article also suggests so:

  2. Black Star says

    I've seen brain inflammation links to autism. The nemceck protocol seems to have good case studies.

  3. Little demon says

    You say all this b's but where is your proof you doctors always say things like this but then when I call you on it you can't prove it .Jenny McCarthy has cured autism that her son had and it was not this b's she has proven that it is the vaccines that cause autism look it up she detoxed all of it out of her son's body and now he is normal you people that believe this dumb dumb you are being played and the sad part is you stupid people are going to continue to believe him over fax just because he is a doctor that is stupid when are you people going to wake up they are poisoning are children and you all are letting them do it just like bipolar illness,I have researched it fully and it is fake there is no MRI or blood test to prove it is real and that is because it is fake if you can't find it in your body with any real test then it is fake period wake up people wake up.and so you people know I do know what I am talking about my mom is a doctor and so is my dad my mom was a nurse then she went back to school and now she is a doctor so don't waste your time trying to tell me I don't know because I know a lot more about it then you do and I don't care what you say or think I know the the truth because I have seen autism getting cured so I know.

  4. My mom had c-section. I have autism. However, the less meat i eat the better i feel. Little by little over the last couple of years its been getting better on a whole foods plant based diet. Like my sensitivity to light, sounds is normalizing. I eat a whole food, plant based diet.

  5. KK says

    What about the studies showing Ketogenic diets as a cure for severe mental illnesses in children n also a good cure or control of cancer?

  6. Vince says

    For some it got better and some worse after anti-biotics. Here's my take(not to sound like Fareed Zakaria), but maybe some people have a predominance of bad bacteria in their gut. They take anti-biotics and kill them and so things get better for them. Other people have a predominance of good bacteria, they take anti-biotics, then when done, they eat a poor diet which promotes the growth of bad bacteria, so for them, it got worse. I'm getting to impression that if someone must go through a round of anti-biotics, it is very important that their diet is a good one starting immediately after the anti-biotic treatment is done, to foster the growth of the good over the bad.

  7. A P says

    This was very powerful video. thank you for sharing.

  8. Yonatan Myers says

    Wouldn't this suggest also the two following or (harder to prove or research) a combination of the two:
    (a) Non-organic food, mainly plants spared with substances that could also kill flora (e.g. glifosate) could deliver toxins to the gut killing off a significant amount of good flora.
    (b) Vaccination could in some cases send the immune system of a"rampage" killing of gut flora.

    One would need a four group study with n>20 for each. So a large study. But considering the cost of treating an autistic child (not to mention the emotional burden), I think this should be done.

  9. Suzanne Warburton says

    My son is moderately autistic, I have not had a c-section, but both family's have all different immune system disorders…. ones linked to the microbiome. I normally love your studies but I feel in this case you have drilled it down to some types of ways that the microbiome can be disturbed…. but not all ways. My son's behaviour has changed for the better and I have done this with supplementation of nutrition that he is not getting from his restricted diet but I have also massively increased his fiber intake. No one wants to pay for autism studies because no one can make money from finding the answers. To other ASD parents out there this study may also be of interest. Admittedly a small study but no big pharma wants to fund this stuff… I wonder why?
    Together, these findings suggest that MTT is safe and well-tolerated in children with ASD ages 7–16 years. MTT led to significant improvements in both GI- and ASD-related symptoms, and the improvements were sustained at least 8 weeks after treatment. "

  10. X X says

    interesting questions

  11. Phil Griffiths says

    Ray Peat talks about serotonin and endotoxins from the gut causing issues, and he suggests eating a raw carrot salad with vinegar and coconut oil to help reduce the bacterial load thus reducing the amounts of endotoxin from the gut. He could be onto something since these 3 foods are somewhat antibiotic.

  12. SaleXchannel says

    brown market… omg i laughed out so loud

  13. Jessie says

    I would like to learn more about cadmium and manganese. I read an article from the CDC about cadmium found in flax cashews peanuts sunflower seeds etc. They say something like our bodies absorb approximately .5mcg a day of cadmium environmentally and in food but only can rid .
    05mcg. And in a human lifetime has max capacity for 2 grams. I might be way off but I'd like to know what say he.

  14. Jessie says

    I just watched it again for the first time….never get tired of the almighty Dr. Gregor. My phone even auto spells it cos it knows what I like. Lol

  15. Jessie says

    I can't help but wonder if gut biome was a factor in the death of Anthony Bourdain.

  16. Average Aussie Scrub says

    run in your jeans XD

  17. Justin Curry says

    Dr. Gregor you need to watch the Rich Roll and Zach Bush podcast on the gut biome and study into that more and make videos and content. I believe you would do so much good for people by doing so. Thank you for everything you do.

  18. Peter czapla says

    Dr Greger please make videos debunking the nonsense "Dr Eric Berg" is spreading

  19. Kombinatsiya says

    "an n = 1 case" where the author is the parent of the child in question is a super weak scientific study.

  20. greenshayliz says

    yum, vaginal flora

  21. Aaron Verran says

    wonder if this happens in normal carnists, the things they will say….

  22. codygillespie says

    check out the whistleblower that found rodent virus in vaccines leading to autism and other problems. vid here

  23. 0 neven says

    first time for me watching!!

  24. Eelke Aptroot says

    Déja vu…

  25. Arya M says

    why was this reuploaded?

  26. MemoFromEssex says

    So could pesticides in our food damage our stomach biome leading to a heightened risk of autism?

  27. jstock2317 says

    Repost! Lets see some OC!

  28. haku says

    what does the thumbnail depict? a kid getting a dose of antibiotics orally through syringe?

  29. Andy Owen says

    Uh?! Watched this a few days ago?

  30. michael onello says


  31. The Jaroudi Family says

    Such amazing research!

  32. The Globalists says

    Why a reupload?

  33. Daniel Gilliland says

    What is different in this version from the one a few days ago?

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