Tips for Growing Cannabis Like A Professional


If you’ve just started growing cannabis, chances are you do not know everything there is to know about producing the best marijuana buds. As a newbie marijuana grower, there are a couple of cannabis growing secrets that you can use to grow high-quality, smelly, smooth, shiny, and sticky buds. Here are some tips on how to grow cannabis like a professional:

Use Quality Seeds

As emphasized by High Times, buying cheap cannabis seeds will cost you more in the long run. When shopping for growing seeds, avoid getting seeds from old clones and weed bags since they’re usually low-quality. A lot of marijuana growers do not know where they should go to buy quality cannabis seeds and CBD oils. If you are looking for quality products, make sure you buy your cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank that’s known for producing and selling quality seeds.

Seeds that are bought from a seed bank typically possess the best genetic traits. Furthermore, they are not contaminated with lower-quality marijuana strains, and are, therefore, genetically pure.

At the same time, always make sure that you choose the right strain as per your needs. Most reputable seedbanks stock a variety of cannabis seeds in different strains, something that could make it hard to choose a strain that best suits your needs.

Growing cannabis like a professional

However, there are factors that you should consider as you search for cannabis seeds with the best strains. Some of these factors include where you plan on growing the plant, space availability, and the type of hit you’d like. If you pick a strain that does not fit the weather conditions around where you live or that you aren’t fond of, you might have a hard time maintaining the plant. Also make sure that you use the best quality soil. Buy from Redbud Soil Company.

Maintain the Right Humidity and Temperature in Your Grow Room

Most marijuana growers looking to improve the quantity and quality of their yields tend to look for where they can buy bigger LED lights and carbon dioxide monitors. However, if you do not maintain the right humidity and temperature in your grow room, you’ll still end up harvesting low-quality cannabis, despite having bought expensive growing equipment.

During the vegetative phase, the marijuana plant requires high humidity. However, once it reaches the flowering stage, it requires low humidity. Also, make sure you vary temperature levels through the different phases of growth. For instance, during the plant’s vegetative phase, make sure the temperatures range between 70 and 850F. When the plant reaches the flowering stage, the temperatures must stay below 800F.

Grow Your Marijuana from the Finest Mother Plants

Once you’ve picked the right seeds, you have two options – to plant them outdoors or indoors. While seeds are way better than clones, that’s if you are looking to produce quality buds, it’s worth keeping in mind that some aren’t that reliable. Every seed, regardless of where you’ve bought it, has its own unique characteristics and setbacks.

Since some seeds could grow into males, you might have to cull them to ensure that there are no seeds in your buds. If you are looking to boost trichome production levels, consider using a mother plant. A majority of cannabis growers are constantly searching for where they can buy the finest mother plants, not knowing that they can get the best ones from their cannabis farm.

Once you’ve planted your marijuana seeds, make sure you identify the females that produce promising crops by the fourth week. With these females, you can clone all the male plants on your farm. By using the finest mother plants from your garden to grow your marijuana, you’ll reap high yields without having to spend money buying mother plants from elsewhere.

Reduce the Amount of Water Your Plants Get as You Get Closer to Harvest Time

As the flowering phase comes to an end, your plants will start producing relatively-high amounts of resin. According to Civilized, you can encourage this process by slowly reducing the amount of water your plants get. During this stage, you can even let your plants’ roots to start drying up; however, be very cautious as root damage could cause your plants to die.

When you decrease the amount of water your plants get, this will force them to start producing more resin. The result? Sticky and shiny buds with hard hits. Also, when you allow your plant roots to dry up, the buds get a robust and rich flavor and an even stronger smell.


Apart from knowing where you can buy cannabis seeds and the best quality mother plants, you also need to acquire specific cannabis plant growing skills if you want to cultivate high-quality marijuana plants. By following the tips provided here, you will be harvesting the high-quality succulent and sticky buds in no time at all.

Growing cannabis like a professional