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Vibe Life Combines Fermented Hemp and Stevia for a Low Sugar, CBD-Infused Kombucha


Dominica Bay is the founder and CEO of Vibe Life Hemp Kombucha, a startup company based in Vancouver, Canada. The brand employs a longer fermentation process and uses fermented stevia to craft a low sugar product. Other ingredients include fermented hemp, botanicals and cold-pressed juices for flavor and functionality. Vibe Life is targeting consumers that are mindful about what they put in their body with a lineup that is free of the top 10 allergens and suitable for paleo, keto, vegan and diabetic diets. The brand launched in farmers’ markets and fitness studios in Vancouver, with plans to expand into the U.S., starting with Los Angeles. Bay is looking for a strategic partner that believes in their mission and values, and has experience in the CPG industry.

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