What is Water Soluble CBD?

The rise of cannabidiol or CBD over the past few years has been truly remarkable. While many people are familiar with CBD oil, which is the most popular form of this product, a new water-based CBD is now being produced. This water-soluble CBD has started to take hold and is providing a compelling alternative to the more traditional CBD oil on the market.

What is Water-Soluble?

As the name implies, the CBD is dissolvable in water. This means that it can be added to a wide variety of beverages. CBD oil does not mix well with water-based products, so the water-soluble CBD offers a way for consumers to add the product to energy drinks, soda pop, teas, and even honey. Water-soluble products are nothing new as anyone familiar with powders used to create fruit drinks and punch can attest.

CBD is dissolvable in water
CBD is dissolvable in water!

For CBD, being water-soluble adds an entirely new front to the industry. Today, more companies are now focusing their efforts on the water-soluble market. Since the CBD itself remains at the same potency, it can be added in small amounts to create the desired effect. Plus, in its dry form, the CBD stays potent for a very long time. It is possible to store water-soluble CBD for many years, and it will still be just as powerful as when it was first bought, as long as the packaging remains sealed.

How Water-Soluble CBD Works

This concentration of CBD comes in at least two forms, isolate and broad-spectrum distillate. The isolate cannabidiol contains concentrations of 10%, 20%, or more depending on the level you choose. Because it does not lose potency when stored, it remains at this level until used. The broad-spectrum comes in 10% concentration and more but is usually augmented with other cannabinoids or hemp terpenes again, depending on the brand.

The water-soluble CBD is sold in different sizes, much like the packaging for powder fruit-flavored drinks. This means that you can add them to varying amounts of water-based products. Once the mix is made, you are limited in the amount of time in which it is to be consumed before the mixture falls apart. However, because it is water-soluble, you can stir up or remix the concentrate before use.


There are two primary benefits to water-soluble CBD. The first is the concentrated form allows for extended storage of CBD without the potency being affected. This means that you can purchase the concentrate in amounts that can be stored at room temperature for years, perhaps decades before being used.

The second and arguably the more important is that you can add CBD to any water product. From teas to soda pop and more, adding CBD is easy thanks to its water-soluble form. And because it does not carry any added taste unless that has been added to the product itself, then there is little limit to its use.

There is little doubt that the popularity of this new version of CBD will only grow as more people take advantage of the uses for this product.